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Jobiak launched the AI-based Global Jobs Distribution Platform

Jobiak announced the launch of its ‘All Jobs’ AI-based Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP), a one-stop source to 100% of all jobs in real-time.  It is the first of its kind. A platform that provides access to every available online job, updated in real-time and with meta-search capabilities, making it easy to find relevant jobs.  

Jobiak expects this to be a game-changer as it provides unique benefits to various stakeholders in the recruitment arena. Jobiak believes the launch comes at a critical time during this pandemic, as it can play a significant role in reducing unemployment by launching an AllJobs Job Board as a COVID-19 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. 

Currently, there are ~11 million unemployed and ~6 million open jobs. Yet, job seekers find it challenging to access and apply for relevant jobs, resulting in jobs remaining open for several months.  Reasons for this include: available jobs being spread across thousands of sites, cumbersome search and multi-step apply processes with a 34% drop off rate, spam/data security issues, and search and social platforms (where 75%+ job searches begin) providing access to less than 30% of jobs from direct employers.  

The AllJobs Job Board fully leverages GJDP’s capabilities addressing all of these issues. Enabling access to all jobs obtained directly from employer career sites in one place allows job seekers to find and apply directly on employer career sites without having to sign-up, pay, login, upload a resumé, etc.

“We decided to launch a CSR initiative to do our bit in helping the country get back on its feet.  Our immediate goal is to fast track the reduction of unemployment by making it free, easy, and convenient to both job seekers and givers.  It is truly a unique free one-stop service where the job seeker can find jobs on the AllJobs platform and apply directly on the employer career site whilst employers don’t have to pay anything to have their jobs posted.  We are confident that this initiative will not only help the job seeker and employer but the country at large by reducing employment, which will have a substantial and direct impact on economic growth,” said Mallik Penamatsa, Advisory Board member.

Jobiak’s first product focused on unleashing the recruiting power of Google for Jobs for businesses who were struggling to get their jobs found on Google.  With the launch of the AllJobs platform, Jobiak adds another unique product to its portfolio. With its ability to provide access to any job and fully leverage the power of Google to drive 2-20x applicants to its partners, makes it an ideal technology partner for those looking to find unique ways to grow their recruitment business.

“As an AI-based job-tech platform company, our vision is to enable universal access for job seekers to every available job and in real-time.  We will achieve this by partnering with various players in the recruitment industry, e.g., search and social media platforms, job boards, ATSs, RMPs, RMAs, and the government.  We are actively reaching out and encouraging them to join hands with us to play a direct role in helping the economy bounce back during these challenging times. Apart from gaining immense satisfaction and a positive impact on their brand, it will also lay the foundation for a technology partnership with Jobiak with a multi-billion-dollar monetization upside. With our help, any one of our partners has the opportunity to become the market leader,” said Venkat Janapareddy, CEO/ Founder.

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