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Juniper Networks to Deliver AI-Driven Enterprise with New Upgrades

Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced their fourth expansion of the AI-driven enterprise to bring artificial intelligence to the LAN, WLAN and now WAN for end-to-end optimization of user experiences and proactive troubleshooting driven by Mist AI. With the new Juniper Mist WAN Assurance service, customers will receive even better automation and insight in branch locations with AI-driven service level expectations, client-to-cloud event correlation for rapid fault resolution, anomaly detection and proactive support. In addition, Marvis, the Juniper Virtual Network Assistant driven by Mist AI, will be augmented with a new AIOps conversational interface that transforms the IT experience from dashboards and reports real-time interactions with progressive drill downs and proactive recommendations. 

“Mist delivered the first AI-driven network almost five years ago to address the need for self-driving networks that optimize user experiences and lower IT costs through end-to-end automation and insight,” said Sudheer Matta, VP Products at Juniper. “What started with wireless has rapidly grown to include the first AI-driven wired, security and now WAN solutions, with global customers spanning virtually all industry segments, including three of the Fortune 10. While the rest of the industry is awash in AI hyperbole and unfulfilled promises, Juniper continues to deliver on our vision and solve real customer and partner needs through Mist AI.” 

The latest enhancements to the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise will include:

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance brings AI-driven insights for the WAN and branch to Juniper’s already robust secure SD-WAN solution to shift the focus from network and application behavior to actual user experiences. This cloud-based service:   

  • Streams key telemetry data from Juniper SRX devices to the Mist AI engine in the cloud to enable customizable WAN service levels that are used to optimize user experiences
  • Works in conjunction with Marvis to correlate events across the LAN, WLAN and WAN for rapid fault isolation and resolution across all domains 
  • Enables proactive actions as a result of anomaly detection with automated workflows, with an eye toward completely self-driving networks from client to cloud

Marvis conversational interface is an enhancement to the Juniper Mist Virtual Network Assistant that allows IT teams to get answers in real time to natural language questions like “What was wrong with Bob’s Zoom call yesterday?” This interactive IT assistant for insight and troubleshooting:

  • Deduces the intent behind the questions and provides valuable results based on its access to a large knowledge base, with interactive queries to drill down further based on suggested next steps
  • Allows users to give feedback on whether Marvis answered the right question or gave the correct root cause so that it continues to learn – a key requirement for AI-driven support
  • Is built using open APIs, enabling customers to integrate with IT systems and automate the network with AIOps

These two services augment the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise to empower IT administrators to more nimbly address network, application and user issues. For example, if a video call is not working properly at a user’s home, the Juniper solution can quickly determine if the problem resides with the client device, application, Wi-Fi network and/or WAN (e.g. internet). Corrective actions can then be recommended and/or taken automatically to resolve the issue in real time, often before the user is even aware of a problem. Only Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise solution provides this level of automation, insight and actions from client-to-cloud for superior visibility and control.

Supporting Quotes:

“At 650 Group, we are seeing an increased adoption of AI/ML in networks. As applications, users and devices increase across the network, automating tasks with AI becomes more valuable for customers who are focused on driving efficient operations. With this announcement around Marvis Virtual Network Assistant and WAN Assurance, Juniper delivers on its commitment to extend unparalleled user experiences across the network with a common AI engine.”
      –          Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst/Co-Founder, 650 Group

“Marvis already provides unique insights and analysis to make troubleshooting much easier for us and adding a conversational tool on the network is a terrific extension to the platform. More granular visibility is really interesting to me as well, and I see huge value in being able to have a more centralized view of metrics rather than having to do it manually.”
      –          Bryton Herdes, network engineer at Jackson Electric Cooperative

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