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Karlsgate Winner of I-COM Global Data Startup Challenge

Karlsgate Identity Exchange recognized as breakthrough platform to support secure data sharing across the marketing data ecosystem.

Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, today announced that it has won the prestigious I-COM Global Data Startup Challenge. Competing with five other startups, Karlsgate Identity ExchangeTM was recognized as a new and innovative platform to support data collaboration across the marketing and advertising ecosystem.

“It’s a tremendous honor for us to be recognized by the industry leaders at I-COM considering the quality of our fellow competitors,” said Brian Mullin, Co-Founder and CEO at Karlsgate. “We believe Karlsgate Identity Exchange represents a new paradigm for securely sharing and matching data sets without transferring custody of customer identities to any third party.”

Karlsgate Identity Exchange ensures the highest level of data security and privacy compliance by using CryptoidentityTM—encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens. Combining Cryptoidentity with its distributed network architecture enables Karlsgate to match two data sets without sharing or exposing Personal Data identifiers. It solves a number of critical challenges facing marketers and their partners including:

  • Maintain data custody – Distributed processing ensures organizations never lose control of customer identities because it never leaves their environment
  • Customer privacy protection – Single-use pseudonymized tokens guarantee no identity disclosure, retention, persistency or re-identification
  • Streamline data sharing – Collaborative portal allows complete control and transparency removing the need for lengthy testing agreements and processes

“The I-COM Data Startup Challenge attracts the most innovative companies working to address the needs of marketers,” said Andreas Cohen, Chairman of I-COM Global. “Karlsgate came out on top with our panel of judges who represent data science and marketing leaders from brands, agencies and technology companies.”

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