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KIOXIA KumoScale™ Software v3.20 Delivers Deployment Flexibility

Includes additional bare metal deployment options

Kioxia Corporation, a world leader in memory solutions, has released version 3.20 of its KumoScale™ storage software built around the NVM Express™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) protocol. Designed for cloud-centric deployment at data center scale, the KumoScale storage platform delivers high performance NVM Express (NVMe™) flash storage as a disaggregated networked service. Major features in KumoScale software version 3.20 include additional bare metal deployment options, seamless support for OpenID Connect 1.0, and support for NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage (GDS).

Additional Bare Metal Deployment Options:
In addition to the KumoScale software’s streamlined appliance install, KumoScale software version 3.20 adds an option to deploy on generally available commercial operating systems. For large data centers, storage infrastructure, of necessity, is tightly integrated with a variety of sub systems such as those for provisioning, monitoring, telemetry and networking. KumoScale software “managed mode” enables complete flexibility for engineering and security administrators to configure, integrate and control the KumoScale software storage layer OS environment, while KumoScale software “appliance mode” provides simpler installation and automated deployment with reduced deployment complexity for small & medium enterprise customers but with more limited OS configurability.

NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage Support:
Version 3.20 adds support for NVIDIA GDS. GDS enables a direct data path for direct memory access (DMA) transfers between GPU memory and storage, which avoids a bounce buffer through the CPU. This direct path increases system bandwidth and decreases the latency and utilization load on the CPU. KumoScale software behaves as a storage adapter to GDS.

OpenID Connect Support:
Version 3.20 adds support for third-party OpenID Connect 1.0. OpenID Connect is an identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol that allows clients to verify the identity of users and session based on the authentication performed by an Authorization Server for service account permissions. KumoScale software support for OpenID Connect simplifies security integration into CSP (Cloud Service Provider) data center environments.

KumoScale software version 3.20 also includes CSI raw block support, and an embedded Grafana™ storage analytics dashboard.

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