Klika Tech Wins 2024 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award

Klika Tech, a global technology solutions and consulting leader delivering innovative Cloud and Smart City solutions, is proud to announce it has been selected as winner of the 2024 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award for its Asset Tracking Solution jointly developed with AWS and Seeed Studio. The award is presented by IoT Evolution magazine, the leading publication covering the Internet of Things movement.

Klika Tech’s solution, developed in collaboration with AWS and Seeed Studio, addresses connectivity challenges in deploying large fleets of low-power IoT devices for industrial and consumer sectors. Utilizing technologies like LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and CoAP, Klika Tech integrates the Seeed Studio SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN Tracker and Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Board, powered by Nordic nRF52840 and Semtech LR1110, to efficiently collect and analyze Location and Environmental data on AWS. Advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities further enhance business insights.

“It is my pleasure to recognize Klika Tech with an IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award for its continued innovation,” said Carl Ford, Community Developer, IoT Evolution World. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing Klika Tech’s future successes.”

“Our collaboration with AWS and Seeed Studio exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in IoT solutions,” said Gennadiy Borisov, President and Co-CEO of Klika Tech. “This award-winning asset tracking solution highlights our ability to address complex connectivity challenges and deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions that drive significant business value for our clients.”

“We’re excited to collaborate with Klika Tech to deliver this comprehensive tracking solution on AWS,” commented Joey Jiang, VP at Seeed Studio. “As the AIoT hardware provider, we firmly believe that our reliable hardware devices, combined with Klika Tech’s innovative software, will create a transformative asset tracking solution for various industries.”

IoT Evolution Magazine is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the leaders driving innovation in the Internet of Things sector. By presenting awards such as the IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award, the publication highlights the advancements and achievements of companies that are pushing the boundaries of IoT technology. Their commitment to acknowledging these contributions fosters growth, encourages new developments, and underscores the importance of IoT in transforming industries and improving everyday life.

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