Kochava adds Kochava AI Prompt to its robust AI toolset

Kochava AI Prompt powered by Generative AI takes data-driven insight discovery into marketers’ own hands through natural and native language processing

Kochava, the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, today announced a powerful addition to its robust AI toolset. Kochava AI Prompt unleashes the power of AI to understand multiple languages through the use of natural language processing for global marketers to access and analyze their data.

Kochava AI Prompt is powered by a secure connection to leading AI models to return a SQL script to run against the data within Kochava. None of our customers’ first-party data leaves Kochava, nor is it used to train large language models (LLMs) or Kochava models. Marketers can engage with their data via AI knowing that their (and their users’) privacy and intellectual property are 100% secure.

“The intersection of AI and advertising technologies to create a truly powerful experience across international audiences and cultures is at a tipping point,” said Jason Hicks, GM, Marketers Operating System (m/OS) at Kochava. “For any company looking to reach customers on a global scale, understanding and implementing AI that can handle the nuances of native languages is key while also leveling the playing field through natural language processing so you no longer need to be a data scientist or understand SQL to utilize your data.”

What Kochava AI Prompt Can Do for Marketers:

  • Have simple, secure conversations with their universe of first-party data in Kochava
  • Rapidly check key performance indicators and success metrics across campaigns
  • Get answers to complex data queries in just seconds without SQL
  • More easily curate customer segmentation lists for retargeting or suppression
  • And much more…

“The roll-out of Kochava AI Prompt represents an industry necessity for all marketers, making data-driven insights more approachable than ever and opening up new possibilities for digital marketing,” continued Hicks.

Kochava has been using machine learning and AI tooling across its diverse solutions suite, including its advanced attribution and fraud prevention products, for years. The company has also been adopting new technologies, such as leveraging LLMs to build new tools.

For example, Search Ads Maven powered by Kochava, a central data and intelligence hub to scale and optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns, features AI suggestions within its Keyword Analysis dashboard, enabling marketers to leverage Generative AI to find new keywords. AI can help marketers think outside the box to find those gems that standard sources aren’t turning up.

This week, Kochava AI Prompt will be released to a select group of customers.

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