Digital Transformation Launches Patient Flow Solution

Dime-sized Nano Tag IR sets the foundation for patient-focused use cases, driving efficiencies in patient flow, care coordination, and operations, the leader in healthcare RTLS and digital transformation, today announced the release of the Patient Flow solution. The solution, delivered as a service, is powered by the new Nano Tag IR – the world’s smallest disposable, wearable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag equipped with infrared (IR). Compatible with hospital wristbands and ergonomic to wear, the Nano Tag IR reliably locates patients in real-time at the hospital room level.

The Patient Flow solution is designed for rapid and cost-efficient deployment at the enterprise scale. It tracks the live patient journey from admission to discharge and reveals bottlenecks. Beyond knowing where patients are and improving operational efficiencies, the Patient Flow solution integrates EHR and RTLS data from the healthcare facility, delivering AI data analytics to uncover answers health systems don’t but should ask about.

The Patient Flow solution enables a wide range of use cases including but not limited to:

  • Admissions:
    • Analyzing ambulatory flow efficiency
    • Monitoring patient wait times, room availability, and clinician time
  • Clinics and Inpatient:
    • Monitoring clinician time in the patient room
    • Monitoring patient rounding and automating documentation
    • Informing rounding physicians of patient room occupancy
    • Preventing patient elopement in memory care
    • Informing HVAC services of patient room occupancy for energy-saving
  • Discharge:
    • Automating patient discharge, sanitation workflows, and room preparation

“The patient journey is paved with enormous waste and inefficiencies, costing health systems millions of dollars,” said Rom Eizenberg, chief revenue officer and head of product innovation at “’s Patient Flow solution, powered by the Nano Tag IR’s room-level accuracy, is solving this acute problem. By removing sand grains hiding in the joints, helps eliminate friction from care delivery and ensures a safer and smoother patient journey.”

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