KONTXT for VOICE Unveiled to Identify and Stop Scam Robocalls

RealNetworks®, a leader in AI-powered digital media software and services, today unveiled KONTXT™ for VOICE to identify and stop scam robocalls. Despite the increase in available apps designed to stop caller spam and fraud, robocall spam and fraud has become worse, not better. Building upon RealNetworks’ vast experience in mobile communications – particularly in anti-fraud & anti-spam, Real has developed a more effective way for carriers to combat voice fraud by deploying its AI and machine learning-based KONTXT fraud prevention science to voice channels.

KONTXT for VOICE features a unique voice fingerprinting solution that combines audio spectrum analysis with natural language processing. The results are instantaneous and position KONTXT to lead the charge in the battle against costly spam and fraud. Early versions of KONTXT for VOICE are deployed within two major telephone company (Telcos) partner networks today.

The current state of robocall spam

  • There has been a global increase in caller fraud with criminals preying on fear during the worldwide pandemic.
  • No country is immune. Telcos across the globe are fighting caller fraud.
  • Common fraud calls include: government imposters claiming to be from the IRS with money awaiting transfer; offers for medical marijuana and other prescription medication; and get-rich-quick scams.
  • A recent AARP survey found that 44% of people in the US have been contacted by one of the government impersonators. 79% of US adults targeted and/or victimized by an impostor / scam have reported that the scammer contacted them by phone.
  • The FCC estimates that the “wasted time and nuisance” caused by scam robocalls exceeds $3 billion each year, while fraudulent robocall schemes cost Americans about $10 billion annually.
  • As the global lockdown winds down, fraud is expected to continue as criminals have learned much about what works and what doesn’t work by using a combination of robotic and live caller scripts.

RealNetworks KONTXT for VOICE Solution
“RealNetworks’ KONTXT data scientists and engineers have developed new voice fingerprinting techniques to assess whether an incoming caller is a contact or a shady unknown scammer,” said Michael Bordash, CTO of RealNetworks KONTXT. “The KONTXT for VOICE solution goes beyond simple phone number block lists & voice captcha which are easily circumvented by criminals. Our machine-learning microservices analyze the voice & the intent of the human or robo caller, and make a fast and accurate assessment to help protect global network customers.”

KONTXT for VOICE not only protects telephone customers, but it also protects network capacity by reducing fraudulent calls and allowing for prioritization of legitimate calls. KONTXT for VOICE is available for deployment to CPaaS platforms via API and traditional Telcos and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) experiencing caller fraud. Customers interested in improving their network traffic and protecting their customers from scam robocalls can request a demo at:

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