KromaTiD Launches dGH™ Cell Prep Kit

KromaTiD, a single-cell analysis company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of technology solutions for the cell and gene therapy market, announces the launch of their dGH™ Cell Prep Kit for use in their dGH in-Site™ and dGH SCREEN™ assays.

KromaTiD has been providing high-resolution assays with superior detection, and robust data for large Pharmaceutical and Gene and Cell therapy companies for over 13 years.

KromaTiD’s VP of Research and Development Erin Cross says, “The dGH Cell Prep Kit contains a media additive which incorporates into DNA during replication and allows the daughter stand to be stripped from metaphase chromosomes. KromaTiD has been offering this method as a service and we have now packaged it so customers can use it at their site.”

The dGH™ Cell Prep Kit has a unique method which enables high resolution, direct measurement of inversions, translocations, a whole genome structural variant analysis, selecting structurally pure IPSC clone and other structural variations. The dGH™ Cell Prep Kit now joins their catalog of Pinpoint FISH™ probes for sub-telomeres and centromeres, and Human Whole Chromosome Paint probes, all of which can be labeled with any of their five fluor probe color options, and custom probe development is available for interested customers.

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