Laguna Health launched Caregiver Companion App

  • Patients experience physical limitations and lifestyle adjustments post-hospitalization that can result in high readmission rates without adequate support 
  • As critical stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, caregivers need access to resources that can help ensure the long-term care needs of patients are met
  • Caregiver Companion app prompts caregivers with to-do items, enables direct live and chat communication between caregivers and the care team to unlock healthier outcomes 

 Laguna Health, the AI-powered care management platform, today announced the launch of its Caregiver Companion app, a fully-digital care experience for caregivers supporting patients throughout their post-hospital care journeys. The app provides caregivers with greater visibility into the patient’s care pathway and access to the patient’s digital-first care team so caregivers can more easily manage the health and well-being of patients.

In the post-acute care process, patients can experience physical limitations, mental fog, and various lifestyle adjustments that can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression as well as high readmission rates. Meanwhile, caregivers, who are often family or friends of the patient, experience challenges in coordinating patient care. Many caregivers deal with a lack of access to resources, such as mental health services and medications, to adequately support patients at home.

Laguna Health has been at the forefront of improving the at-home care journey for patients and is modernizing care management as Google Maps did to navigation. Laguna leverages AI and NLP tools to reveal care obstacles in real-time, similar to how Google Maps detects a crash or street closure and then adjusts the patient’s care plan accordingly. With these tools, Laguna is able to scale the patient’s hyper-personalized SDOH, also known as “contextual care,” to consider the individual’s life circumstances, which can be seven times more costly than medical errors.

Initially launched for patients, the Laguna Health app combines a proven and real-time adjustable clinical treatment model with a digital-first care team, dynamically personalized care plans, coaching, data-driven interventions, and expansive behavioral health resources to support patients’ post-hospitalization care needs. Now, by better-equipping caregivers with detailed instructions and access to the patient’s care team via Laguna’s Caregiver Companion app, both patients and caregivers can have more positive experiences, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for the patient.

Caregivers can download the Laguna Health Caregiver Companion app onto their phones, where they can chat and schedule appointments, view to-do items, and see all other details associated with the patient’s care pathway, including medication information and an associated schedule. They can also communicate directly with the patient’s care manager to discuss any questions and share updates about their care as needed.

“Patients increasingly require assistance with at-home caregivers to ensure a safe transition from hospitals and complex care settings to the home to improve outcomes and decrease readmissions. However, these caregivers need more support in navigating care journeys since most lack medical and long-term care management experience,” said Yoni Shtein, co-founder and CEO of Laguna Health. “The Caregiver Companion app streamlines communication and provides helpful information and instructions to empower caregivers so they can focus on providing the best care possible to patients.”

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