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Launching Curitics Pulse 3.0: A Game-Changer in Value-Based Care

Today, Curitics Health is thrilled to announce the launch of Curitics Pulse 3.0, the latest iteration of the innovative platform tackling the complexities of value-based care. Building on the success of previous versions, Curitics Pulse 3.0 introduces new features specifically designed to address patient engagement, workflow automation, and patient monitoring challenges.

Curitics Pulse 3.0 represents a revolutionary step forward, leveraging a unique low-code approach to put more control over program orientation and execution in the hands of clinicians and operations leaders. With this version, the platform empowers healthcare professionals to tailor care programs according to their needs without the requirement of specialized coding skills.

Key highlights of the Curitics Pulse 3.0 include:

**Improved Patient Engagement**: With an interactive user interface and real-time communication tools, Curitics Pulse 3.0 enables healthcare providers to engage with their patients more effectively. By making health information readily available and understandable, patients can actively participate in their healthcare journey.

**Workflow Automation**: The newly integrated workflow automation tool streamlines various healthcare processes, reducing manual tasks and allowing care providers to focus more on patient care. This feature enhances productivity, reduces errors, and ensures efficient use of resources.

**Enhanced Patient Monitoring**: Curitics Pulse 3.0 comes with an advanced patient monitoring system. By seamlessly integrating with wearables and other health devices, this platform allows clinicians to remotely monitor patients’ health, receive alerts on significant health changes, and respond quickly when needed.

Chris Pempsell, CPO and co-founder of Curitics Health commented, “The launch of Curitics Pulse 3.0 is a significant milestone in our journey. We’ve always been focused on empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to provide top-tier care. This new version, with its low-code approach and enhanced features, places unparalleled control in the hands of those who need it most – clinicians and operations leaders.”

Curitics Health believes that Curitics Pulse 3.0 will reshape the landscape of value-based care by providing a highly customizable, intuitive, and effective solution for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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