Leading Humanitarian Organizations use Swarm AI

Unanimous AI, maker of the award-winning Swarm® software platform, is pleased to announce that the IPC partnership, composed of 15 humanitarian organizations, has successfully conducted a comprehensive pilot study testing the efficacy of Swarm AI technology in forecasting food insecurity in hotspots around the world. The study used Swarm to enhance a process known as Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) in which Governments, United Nations agencies, NGOs, and other relevant actors collaborate to assess the severity of acute and chronic food insecurity and/or acute malnutrition according to internationally recognized standards.

The objective of the IPC process is to provide global decision-makers with evidence-based and consensus-based analysis of food insecurity, informing emergency response and long-term and medium-term policies. When testing the use of Swarm AI technology for this critical task, the researchers concluded it “has strong potential to meet the needs of a more scalable solution for IPC analysis” and determined this it is “a promising approach for making IPC consensus building more efficient.”

“The IPC Global Partnership continues to innovate on best serving the needs of the world’s food insecure people. Our collaboration with Unanimous AI and the application of Artificial Swarm Intelligence has been particularly promising to make the IPC analysis and consensus building processes more efficient and potentially used at scale,” said Jose Lopez, IPC Global Program Manager, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO).

Swarm® is an AI-based collaboration platform that enables optimized forecasting, prioritization, and decision-making by networked human groups. It’s particularly powerful for amplifying the intelligence of networked business teams, financial teams, and government organizations, enabling them to converge upon accurate predictions, decisions, and estimations.

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