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Leading OS for AI Veritone Introduces Interaction Analytics


Three pre-configured AI solutions are now available for customer contact center and social media insights

Veritone, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced Veritone’s Interaction Analytics solutions, pre-configured AI solutions for conversational intelligence that automatically extract insights from customer interactions including voice calls, texts, emails, chats, social streams, images and videos in near-real-time, enabling better decision-making while boosting revenues, reducing operations costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Veritone’s Interaction Analytics solutions, powered by Veritone’s proprietary aiWARE operating system, offer customer-facing enterprise departments –– including sales, marketing, customer service and professional services –– automated insights into customer interactions, which are typically locked within unstructured data sources and require costly, time-consuming manual review to gain business value. As a result, enterprises have been missing out on key insights, until now. With Veritone’s near-real-time and historical data-driven AI solutions, businesses can now better understand and act upon their interactions with customers across these communication channels.

Other conversational intelligence solutions offer point solutions that deliver specific insights, but do not accommodate custom requirements and integrations, and rely solely on historical data sets. Because Veritone’s Interaction Analytics solutions are built on the highly scalable and customizable aiWARE platform, customers can take advantage of near-real-time insights and can configure their project for any ingestion source, AI model or integration point, supporting any conversational intelligence use case.

Veritone has initially introduced three aiWARE-powered, pre-configured Interaction Analytics solutions for enterprise customers:

  • Contact center compliance, to transcribe call recordings and make them searchable for company and regulatory compliance.
  • Contact center insight, to identify callers, transcribe calls, gauge intent and measure sentiment for reduced costs and satisfied customers.
  • Social media insight, to listen, learn and leverage brand and competitor insights across an organization’s social media presence.

Additionally, organizations can address other use cases with unique solutions enabled by the aiWARE low-code Automate Studio workflow tool, built either by the customer, the implementation partner or Veritone’s professional services team. Organizations can also use aiWARE’s intelligent data lake to store AI-generated insights and report on them with their visualization tool of choice.

“Veritone’s Interaction Analytics sheds light on the 80% of the world’s data trapped in unstructured data sources, opening up vast new opportunities for our analytics business,” said Mark Frisch, CEO & founder of Marquee Crew, a data and analytics company. “Since these solutions are powered by Veritone aiWARE, we know we will always have the best AI models available for extracting data and insight from video, images, audio and text.”

With Veritone Interaction Analytics, enterprises can take advantage of AI-powered customer interaction insights across a wide range of their unstructured data, including:

  • Video and audio recordings from sales and professional services calls to improve training, identify feature, product or brand mentions, measure how often certain key words and phrases are mentioned and correlate to successful or unsuccessful outcomes, and detect conversational sentiment.
  • Audio files from call center, telemedicine or financial services calls to monitor compliance, analyze sentiment and ensure that representatives stay on topic.
  • Social media content (video, audio, images, gifs) for marketing and product intelligence to recognize potential partnerships, maintain brand strength and understand customer sentiment on product or brand.

“It is important for enterprises to extract as much insight as possible from their data to stay competitive,” said Chad Steelberg, chairman and CEO of Veritone. “In an increasingly digital world, more unstructured data is available than ever before. With every call, text and social media interaction that occurs, enterprises need an automated way to extract insights from this data. Artificial intelligence that is easy to use and delivers near-real-time takeaways will be key to making these insights available to drive better business decisions.”

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