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LightningChart® JS Sets Milestone for Data Science Visualization


In May 2021, our LightningChart® JS team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers found the solution to a major problem in the constantly evolving data visualization industry: live rendering of large datasets, in a data rate unseen in JavaScript and web controls world before.

Since LightningChart® JS first release in 2019, we knew that charting components in the JavaScript industry were highly competed and LightningChart® JS library would have to be an industry changer to make a real difference.

Major demanding, and life-changing, industries constantly require a visualization capacity that enables them to display data in a variety of charts. For instance, the medical industry requires real-time monitoring applications as well as 3D graphics that allow them to visualize biomedical data accurately and informatively.

So, we wanted to ensure that LightningChart® JS is able to display data uninterruptedly and contribute to the most demanding industries, such as Medical Applications, Aerospace and Defense, Vibration Research, or Industrial Automation.

To make sure we were completely right about our major achievement; we performed a comparison test between LightningChart® JS and major industry competitors. The results exceeded our expectations.

LightningChart® JS did not only display over new 10,000,000 data points / sec in real-time, but it kept the memory footprint to the lowest CPU overhead and incredibly fast mouse-response interactions.

The test was performed for line charts and focused on measuring: 1) initial rendering delay, 2) Frames Per Second, 3) Timeout Delay, and 4) Heap Size (MB).

The results of the test indicated that implementing LightningChart® JS on a high-end desktop PC, can keep over 30 FPS and data rates of over 10 million data points per second.

Additionally, the advanced LightningChart® JS library is roughly 700 times faster than average of competitors.

As we want to support the industry, we currently provide an entirely free community license that we hope can help all developers to continue working on their personal data visualization projects at a zero cost.

Happy coding!

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