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LimaCharlie’s new bi-directional integration enhancement unveiled

New capabilities empower security teams to respond to threats instantaneously, even  across third-party platforms

LimaCharlie, the creator of the first-ever Security Operations (SecOps) Cloud Platform, today introduces a new bi-directional integration platform enhancement, which allows for two-way data flows that streamline detection and response processes while eliminating reliance on third-party automation applications.

When securing digital environments, knowledge is power, and being able to quickly act on that knowledge is security,” said Maxime Lamothe-Brassard, CEO and co-founder of LimaCharlie. “This enhancement will drastically reduce response times and allow security teams to build customized response rules tailored to protecting their organizations’ unique environment.”

LimaCharlie’s SecOps Cloud Platform already allows security teams to detect and respond to telemetry from any source. With the addition of the new bi-directional capability, users can take action to mitigate incidents immediately across any tool all from the same platform, eliminating the need to rely on a third-party solution to make changes. Now, security teams can take defenses into their own hands and dramatically reduce response times. No time for waiting or offloading data to a third-party solution to follow a playbook or prescribed action. In addition, LimaCharlie’s bi-directionality is enabled via native CLI and API-based tools, allowing for a broad scope of response capabilities.

“This is a game-changer. We can now manage multiple platforms out of LimaCharlie and it makes our workflow so much more efficient,” said the CTO of a large MSSP.

The game-changing upgrades, which will be delivered as part of the SecOps Cloud Platform, were previewed at Google Cloud Next ’24 during a session by CEO and co-founder Maxime Lamothe-Brassard. The new capabilities will be available to users beginning today, April 10, 2024 with integrations to Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, AWS, Github, Azure, Okta, Sublime, Tailscale, among others.

To learn more about LimaCharlie’s new bi-directional enhancement and how it unlocks the true power of LimaCharlie’s detection and response capabilities, automates workflows, reduces SOC workload, and can improve your overall security posture, register for the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

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