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Liminal Releases 2024 Link Index for Customer Authentication

Liminal announces the release of the 2024 Link Index for Customer Authentication, its latest report examining the leading technology vendors in the increasingly competitive customer authentication solutions market. This benchmark report identifies the top 15 solution providers addressing current authentication challenges such as the passwordless transition, poor account recovery, and revenue optimization while meeting future demands for automated risk decisioning, native fraud detection, and increased use of biometrics. Liminal’s research report offers a detailed market analysis and assessment of product capabilities and market presence, evaluating over 50 customer authentication solutions.

“Today’s businesses are under immense pressure to fend off sophisticated cyber threats while simultaneously delivering seamless customer experiences and keeping costs in check,” says Liminal CEO Travis Jarae. “The Link Index for Customer Authentication zeroes in on the top providers who excel in these areas, offering scalable, flexible solutions that improve security, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. This report equips businesses with actionable insights to make fast, informed decisions in a dynamic market.”

The market has matured, with component solutions converging into a crowded space for integrated authentication platforms, where basic authentication features are now commoditized and embedded in adjacent customer identity-oriented products. The report highlights the diversity of the customer authentication market, showcasing vendors ranging from global cloud service providers and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) giants to emerging biometrics companies. These evaluated companies vary significantly in size, product suites, and approaches to solving authentication challenges. In this competitive landscape, the top 15 providers have emerged with solutions that meet the market’s needs for enhanced security, operational efficiency, and user experience.

The Link Index for Customer Authentication breaks down each vendor’s core capabilities, market influence, and go-to-market strategy. It emphasizes advanced features like AI-driven risk decision-making, passwordless authentication, and comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) capabilities. Vendors combining identity proofing, fraud detection, and user management are notably effective. The top 15 distinguished themselves by meeting a minimum product execution threshold and minimum strategy threshold. For detailed evaluation criteria, visit our website to access the full report.

Leading customer authentication solutions offer significant benefits, such as reducing account recovery costs, lowering call center expenses, and decreasing customer churn, with businesses saving millions of dollars annually. Companies across various sectors, including financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, and travel, see a significant return on investment by adopting these advanced solutions. For a list of the top-ranked vendors, their product details, and a breakdown of ROI by industry and company size, explore your options for accessing the report.

Link Index Methodology
Using data and insights from Liminal’s Link platform, the Link Index evaluates and ranks leading vendors based on specific use cases. Liminal’s proprietary framework assesses product capabilities according to market trends and buyer needs, supported by the Liminal Landscape taxonomy and ontology. This involves a thorough buyer survey to identify key features and valued components, considering factors like customer satisfaction, market penetration, and brand recognition. Members can sign in to their Link account and view the report for complete results. Not yet a member? Explore your options to access the benchmark report.

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