LinkedInGuru Innovates Resume Writing by Utilizing AI and Design

LinkedInGuru, founded by Canadian entrepreneur Aaron Vasant, helps job seekers thrive in the highly competitive job market using AI advancement and modern design strategies.

The Guru team is making waves in the resume writing industry through integrating artificial intelligence and design into their process to optimize the credibility of clients’ resumes and increase their chances of landing an interview.

Aaron, Founder and CEO of LinkedInGuru, explains, “With the introduction of applicant tracking systems and keyword scanners, the front end or early stages of the recruitment process is now almost never done by the human eye.” Only nine Fortune 500 companies don’t use bots or an ATS system to review resumes before passing them on.

ATS can scan and filter those who possess specific keywords and skills using data-driven recruitment software. Quite often, upwards of 75% of applicants do not make it past the initial screening process.

Aaron decided to create the company after making a variety of remarkable discoveries throughout the course of his MBA. His research led him to discover the core functionality behind the applicant tracking systems, which he has used in developing LinkedInGuru’s strategy and success formula.

If your resume makes it past the bots, eventually, a human will read it. This is where Aaron acknowledged that the content and design must be captivating so they want to learn more about you. You must strike the perfect balance between keywords, design, and content to have the best resume possible.

LinkedInGuru’s proprietary method has seen a lot of success, citing that 94% of their clients have received an interview within 60 days of purchasing their service. The company is trusted by professionals at Amazon, Tesla, Walmart, Google, CNN, Adidas, Microsoft, and more!

The process is pretty simple, you begin by answering their standardized recruitment questionnaire, then select your favourite ATS friendly template from their proven library, and the draft will be completed within 5-7 business days.

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