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Linker Vision to Accelerate Vision AI Adoption in Collaboration with NVIDIA

Linker Vision, a pioneer in AI technology, is proud to announce a collaboration with NVIDIA aimed at accelerating vision AI adoption across enterprise applications with large vision models (LVMs). Through this collaboration, Linker Vision is poised to help bring the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for the development and deployment of production-grade generative AI applications to more users worldwide.

Linker Vision’s Continuous Learning AI Platform with LVMs delivers solutions that address the complex challenges faced by modern industries, targeting worker safety, AI factories, smart cities, and smart spaces.

Linker Vision integrates the power of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, including advanced tools and frameworks such as NVIDIA CUDA-X, NVIDIA Metropolis, NVIDIA DeepStream, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, and NVIDIA TensorRT. This integration empowers enterprises to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety. Furthermore, by incorporating NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, Linker Vision uniquely utilizes large language models (LLMs) and LVMs for enhancing enterprise-level insights in its vision AI platform. This generative AI service, built on NIM, creates a breakthrough user experience by enabling multimodal real-time interactive AI, delivering efficient and precise comprehensive insights to enterprise users.

Linker Vision, part of the NVIDIA Metropolis partner ecosystem.

Linker Vision, powered by NVIDIA technologies, plays a key role in providing digital transformation for the Taiwan government’s Smart City initiatives.

Deputy Mayor of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City, Ta-Sheng Lo, said, “Kaohsiung City has long been at the forefront of AI innovation, spearheading smart city initiatives that redefine urban living. Our collaboration with Linker Vision has been instrumental in driving this innovation forward. Seeing Linker’s close work with NVIDIA, particularly in the realm of vision AI, fills us with optimism for the future. With Linker’s expertise and NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology, we anticipate even greater strides in reshaping our city and beyond — from our factories to our city.”

Paul Shieh, Founder and Chairman of Linker Vision, said, “We’re working closely with NVIDIA to help drive AI innovation forward. This collaboration combines our AI expertise and NVIDIA’s technological ecosystem, helping unlock unprecedented possibilities in vision AI adoption across various enterprise applications.”

Through this latest work, Linker Vision, committed to advancing the deployment of enterprise-grade AI services, continues to realize its vision of driving AI innovation to new heights.

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