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LinkSquares Launches Customizable AI-Powered Contract Analytics

AI-powered contract management and analysis leader expands customer, technology growth in 2020

LinkSquares, provider of the fastest and most comprehensive AI-powered contract lifecycle management and analysis tool, today announced LinkSquares Dashboard, the first customizable business intelligence tool for legal departments. With LinkSquares Dashboard, general counsel and legal teams can easily provide executive summaries on the state of contracts, highlight team productivity, uncover agreement bottlenecks and reveal insights to take a strategic seat at the organizational table and drive the business forward.

The past year has been a critical time for legal departments to mitigate risk and accelerate deals. The company posted nearly 800% growth over the last two years, attracting hundreds of notable customers in 2020 such as Fitbit, Twilio, TGI Fridays, Graco, and Cogito. Named among the 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors for Contract Lifecycle Management and Advanced Contract Analytics, LinkSquares also quadrupled the bank of Smart Values that customers use to extract contract trends and patterns over the last year, providing access to 50 critical terms. Smart Values, such as “Confidentiality Clause,” “Data Breach,” and “Termination Date,” are defined with pre-trained algorithms based on the most important commercial terms in contract management. With more than 800,000 contracts under management, LinkSquares helps its hundreds of customers understand and better mitigate risks and liabilities in minutes, not months.

“Legal teams drive strategic negotiations, close deals, safeguard the company and maintain the health of the organization,” said Alvaro Almanza, General Counsel at Atom Finance. “Much of this work is invisible. Identifying ways to improve legal document infrastructures is time-consuming, and demonstrating the legal team’s value is difficult if the insights and data live in siloed Excel spreadsheets or must be gathered manually. LinkSquares Dashboard changes all of that. By uncovering insights across contracts and on the contract process itself, Dashboard helps uncover gaps and areas for improvement in real time. And by surfacing those insights automatically, legal teams can quickly and efficiently communicate value and their role as strategic business partners that deliver results.”

LinkSquares Dashboard provides business intelligence capabilities for legal projects such as:

  • Deal acceleration: Transparent productivity metrics help eliminate bottlenecks and speed up contract creation.
  • Team performance management: Track who creates the most contracts, how long they take to approve, as well as what they entail. Uncover how many contracts are created from company templates versus third-party paper. Identify missing clauses and find new ways to improve team performance.
  • Planning and reporting: Share executive summaries, report contract health metrics and surface key insights for board meetings, corporate development, quarterly reviews and annual planning.

“Finance, sales and other teams in the organization already have sophisticated business intelligence and analytics options,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares. “With the new business intelligence from LinkSquares Dashboard, legal teams gain powerful insights from the terms, clauses and metadata tracked across all contracts, illuminating areas where they can strategically grow the business in the future.”

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