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Liquid Web Unveils Imunify360 PLUS for Advanced Malware Detection

Liquid Web, a leading provider of premium hosting for small to midsize businesses, today announced the launch of Imunify360 PLUS, a cutting-edge malware detection and remediation solution designed to provide unparalleled security for managed hosting customers. This advanced offering delivers a proactive defense against emerging threats, reducing potential data breaches, improving website performance, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Base Offering:
All of Liquid Web’s hosting plans come standard with industry-leading security features to ensure customers’ data and assets are secure and operational. These features are built into all packages, ensuring every customer benefits from these security measures without additional costs.

Introducing Imunify360 PLUS:
Imunify360 PLUS builds upon Liquid Web’s base security offering by adding several advanced features for customers who require enhanced protection. Imunify360 PLUS offers full-spectrum website and server security with detection, protection, and comprehensive remediation. It ensures online assets are well protected through a multilayered security approach, shielding users from malware, viruses, DOS attacks, and other malicious activities.

As part of the bundled offering, Imunify360 PLUS includes:

  • Real-time website protection and web server security
  • Monthly vulnerability reports
  • Server hardening
  • Access to the security team for complex malware remediation

“We’re thrilled to partner with high-quality solutions like Imunify360 to provide our customers with even more robust security and threat monitoring. Our mission is to provide best-in-class hosting for SMBs and enterprises alike, and part of that is taking security concerns off the table,” says Stephanie Kristek, Liquid Web Product Manager. “We’re pleased to offer new capabilities that will prevent loss of revenue and defend our customers against cyberattacks, including malware.”

Beyond malware detection and remediation, Imunify360 PLUS also offers:

  • Web Application Firewall: Protects web servers from common attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and denial-of-service attacks.
  • Network Firewall: Protects the web server from unauthorized access and attacks.
  • Patch Management: Automatically installs operating system security patches.
  • Centralized Threat Monitoring: Provides a dashboard dedicated to web server threats.

“We’re focused on providing businesses with an effective way to protect themselves against the exorbitant financial and reputational costs of a security breach — all at an affordable price point and with expert help every step of the way,” adds Kristek.

Beyond added security, Imunify360 PLUS helps businesses comply with industry regulations and improve website performance by blocking malicious traffic and reducing the load on the web server.

Learn more about Imunify360 PLUS to get started or visit

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