LokiBots launches Text-to-Actions feature

LokiBots enables Conversational Automation to enhance customer and employee experiences. The zero-code cloud AI native solutions can be deployed in less than 5 mins. LokiBots team has been working on Conversational Automation solutions for the last three years and recently launched Conversational RPA or Agentic Process Automation (APA).

The solution enables text-to-actions with zero code. It removes the traditional drag & drop flow based automations. The solution also supports Conversational Doc AI, a non-OCR solution to parse data from unstructured documents like invoices, identity documents, bank mandates, insurance forms and many other documents using plain English!

The solution is easier to build and maintain than the traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions which are widely adopted in enterprises across the globe. The valuation of top RPA companies have grown multi-fold and reached billions in recent times. With the introduction of Large Language Models (LLMs), agents are able to automate the repetitive tasks which were the forte of RPA. Hence it was widely predicted that RPA would eventually become obsolete and be replaced by more comprehensive automation solutions like LokiBots which are built on AI native platforms and powered by LLMs. LokiBots is one single solution to replace RPA, Chatbot, Doc AI & Gen AI apps in your IT Landscape.

LokiBots helps to create software bots to automate repetitive computer tasks, conversations & related actions. LokiBots enable customer and employee self-service & support, automate back-office & front-office functions and simplifies workplace automation. LokiBots solution is deployed to 65+ B2B customers which include enterprise customers.

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