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Loomis selects Netradyne to improve fleet safety of armored trucks

The partnership aligns with Loomis’ mission to reduce road accidents, refine driver behavior, and improve operational efficiencies

Netradyne, an industry-leading SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing and full-service video telematics provider focused on safety and driver coaching for commercial fleets, today announced its partnership with cash-in-transit (CIT) industry leader, Loomis, to improve the safety of its armored trucks. Loomis is commencing the implementation of its fleets, which spans across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, with 3000 units of Netradyne’s Driver•i D-430 video safety devices. The D-430, equipped with quad cameras, will offer the company increased visibility to ensure the safety of its vehicles as well as the drivers. Netradyne’s next-level performance with unparalleled, high-definition visibility from one device served as a key driver for the partnership and differentiator when considering fleet safety solutions.

“Given the nature of our business, navigating risk is paramount to our customers and the drivers of our trucks,” said Randy Sheltra, EVP of risk management at Loomis. “A huge part of mitigating risk is enforcing physical and legal safety. Netradyne’s Driver•i D-430 device will not only exonerate my drivers should accidents on the road occur but allow my team to accurately recognize and reward superior driving performance or address risky driving behavior before it becomes an unsafe event. Loomis is excited to join the forefront of AI-led fleet safety alongside Netradyne, strengthening both our drivers and customers’ confidence in our ability to securely and efficiently transport cash.”

The Driver•i D-430 pairs the fastest, real-time processing on the market with four sophisticated onboard cameras allowing Loomis drivers to make quick and accurate decisions that improve safety and reduce accidents. It delivers clear, actionable insights with analysis of 100% of drive time, evaluating both good and bad driving behavior and providing a complete picture. This results in a uniquely fair system that rewards positive driving and prioritizes areas that need improvement, so managers immediately know where to focus coaching efforts while drivers have the power to correct and coach themselves in an engaging, gamified app.

“Loomis was an early adopter of camera technology; each of its armored trucks has been equipped with anywhere between four to eight cameras since 2008. With a proven commitment to harnessing the power of safety technology, it only made sense that Loomis decided to upgrade the safety of its fleet. Of all the options on the market, Randy and his team were drawn to our Driver•i D-430 device due to the unparalleled visibility it provides and the hands-on expertise that our team offers,” said Avneesh Agrawal, CEO at Netradyne. “Ensuring CIT runs smoothly is critical to so many retail businesses and financial institutions. We are thrilled that our partnership with Loomis will make for an even safer, foolproof service.”

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