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Mattermost enhances its Playbook capabilities

Streamline incident response and compliance with SEC and CISA disclosure requirements, safeguarding against cyber threats and minimizing disruptions

Mattermost, a leader in secure collaboration for critical infrastructure enterprises, announced at the RSA Conference strategic enhancements to its Playbook capabilities to help organizations battle the global expansion of cybercrime and to speed compliance with new SEC and CISA mandates.

Cyberattacks impacted over 343 million victims in 2023, and data breaches rose 72% from 2021. To support the protection of downstream stakeholders, both the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) published new regulations responding to the need for timely incident disclosure. This includes a new four-day disclosure requirement for public companies in the United States who experience a material incident. 

Mattermost Playbooks enables organizations to respond more effectively to security incidents and track required disclosure timelines for both established and new regulations.

Mattermost’s Playbook capability speeds compliance with expanding regulations: 

Recognizing the immediate and long-term implications of these regulations for cyber resilience stakeholders, Mattermost rapidly evolved its platform to streamline compliance with these new requirements, while enhancing cybersecurity program management capabilities. The platform’s Playbook functionality now includes features specifically designed to help organizations with:

  • Dedicated Out-of-Band Incident Response: Secure communication channels for incident response ensure safe, timely collaboration during critical system compromises.
  • Streamlined Integrated Security Operations: Enhance threat detection, response, and remediation speed by integrating with real-time collaboration tools and systems.
  • Customized Workflows for Regulatory Compliance: Tailor-made for critical infrastructure sectors, Playbooks ensure strict compliance with security and regulatory needs.
  • Operational Efficiency in Mission-Critical Processes: Beyond enhancing security, Mattermost’s Playbooks drive operational efficiency and reduce error rates across a range of critical workflows.

Future Development Focus
As Mattermost continues to invest in its Playbooks offering, it is exploring new opportunities to co-develop the following features:

  • Enabling Incident Responders with Integrated Threat Intelligence: Provide automated access to threat information about identified identifiers of compromise (IoC) during investigations, allowing for a faster triage and response to critical events and limit organizational impact. Support for both commercial and custom threat feeds that will adapt to the customer environments.
  • Reduce Manual Labor through Workflow Automation: Reduce alert fatigue and process overhead by automating repetitive tasks through conditional workflow automation that can be configured based on Playbook information or third-party systems that integrate with Mattermost. Adapt playbooks based on contextual information, such as alert severity or event types, to increase process efficiencies and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Security organizations who are existing Mattermost customers can request to join the joint-development program for this new offering by contacting their account teams.

The Urgency of Cyber Resilience

With the SEC rules already in as of December 2023, there is a pressing need for organizations to assess their cybersecurity policies and procedures and ensure they are prepared to comply with these new requirements. Mattermost’s Playbook enhancements offer a proactive solution, enabling organizations to manage operational risks, document cybersecurity strategies, and respond to incidents with the necessary speed and detail.

“We’re excited to partner with Mattermost to build on its Playbook platform, enhancing incident response solutions for our joint customers,” said Jordan Husney, CEO of Parabol. “Together Mattermost and Parabol will allow teams to respond in an organized and thorough manner as incidents unfold, as well as later step back to reflect and learn from single or groups of incidents with the full might of emerging AI capabilities to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, boosting cybersecurity resilience.”

Daniel Schalla, Director of Security at Mattermost, emphasized “Our Playbook capabilities are designed to help organizations respond more effectively to security events through workflow automation and standardization, allowing them to stay compliant with the new and existing regulations around incident reporting posed by the SEC or CISA’s incident reporting rule.”

Mattermost invites organizations and ecosystem partners to explore how its enhanced Playbook capabilities accelerate compliance with the SEC’s cybersecurity disclosure rules while advancing their cybersecurity risk management strategies. 

To learn more, see this interactive Playbooks demo.

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