Deep Learning

Media Cybernetics Unveils Next-Generation Image-Pro AI Software

Media Cybernetics proudly announces the release of Image-Pro® AI, a groundbreaking image analysis software designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in scientific research and quality inspection. Leveraging advanced AI Deep Learning and intuitive Analysis Protocols, Image-Pro® AI streamlines complex image analysis tasks, allowing users to focus more on data interpretation than software operation.

Key Features of Image-Pro AI:

  • Superior outline accuracy: Even the most complicated edges can be traced with high quality. AI Models work similar to the human brain, finding objects undeterred by dim, complex edges.
  • User-friendly operation: AI Deep Learning Segmentation requires minimal input to operate efficiently. Simple controls, limited options, and fast prediction results.
  • Secure & confidential: No uploading or downloading required. Save time and avoid sharing your data on unsecure company servers. All operations are on-device.
  • Protocol-ready: Integrate Deep Learning Segmentation accuracy into an automated workflow by saving an Analysis Protocol with a custom or pre-trained model.

Tailored for both life sciences and materials research and quality inspection, Image-Pro® AI offers robust solutions that cater to specific application needs. Trusted globally, Image-Pro® AI represents a significant leap forward in scientific image analysis, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for researchers and scientists.

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