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MedInsight unveils Enhanced Value-Based Care Platform

Milliman MedInsight, a leading healthcare data and analytics company, proudly announces the launch of its upgraded Value-Based Care (VBC) Platform®. This advanced platform harnesses Milliman MedInsight’s renowned analytics expertise and introduces expanded features tailored to accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Empowering ACOs on the Journey to Value-Based Care

The newly unveiled VBC Platform is designed to support ACOs in their transition to value-based care. Offering a scalable enterprise solution, the platform streamlines analytical workflows and delivers essential data insights crucial for achieving success in value-based care initiatives. It also offers enhanced data visualization and a new prescriptive reporting interface. By integrating actionable insights, deep learning data analysis, and intelligent solutions, the VBC Platform accelerates the pace at which ACOs realize value. It not only enhances data confidence and reliability but also helps ensure long-term success for ACOs.

“The MedInsight VBC Platform aligns with organizations’ needs, allowing them to comprehend financial and health risk drivers,” remarked Rich Moyer, MedInsight’s Chief Product Officer. “From data scientists to care managers, users can trust the consistency and quality of the data they work with.”

Key Features of the MedInsight VBC Platform

The Milliman MedInsight VBC Platform offers a comprehensive suite of applications to address specific use cases within the value-based care landscape:

  • VBC Insights: A prescriptive reporting application surfacing key cost-saving opportunities to drive VBC initiatives and delivering strategic data for key stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.
  • VBC Analytics: An advanced and dynamic analytics and reporting application, leveraging Milliman MedInsight methodologies and benchmarking. Perform advanced, custom analysis on claims and clinical data.
  • VBC Contracts: Filling a market gap, VBC Contracts models new risk contracts and manages ongoing financial performance to empower ACOs with predictive insights they can use to ensure success under VBC contracts.
  • Data Science Portal (DSP): The DSP enables sophisticated modeling and analysis, minimizing data preparation time for data scientists. Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to data for faster insights. 
  • Bundles: Specifically designed to support healthcare organizations participating in CMS Bundled Payment programs, measuring and managing performance effectively. Review cost and utilization from initial diagnosis to post-discharge across bundles or episodes of care. 

Building on a Decade of Success

Since 2011, over 300 clients, including 20% of the ACO market, have leveraged Milliman MedInsight platform and analytics. The launch of the Milliman MedInsight VBC Platform represents the next evolution of our cloud-based solution. The introduction of these specialized applications expands our capabilities, addressing the diverse requirements of ACOs beyond analytics and supporting value-based care strategies more comprehensively.

Embracing the Promise of Value-Based Care

The Milliman MedInsight VBC Platform empowers organizations to optimize operations, accommodate various payment models, mitigate financial risk, enhance care delivery, improve patient access, and foster care collaboration. Together, these features fulfill the commitment to value-based care.

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