Meenta & Agilent Technologies to enhance genomics research

Meenta, Inc. announces today their partnership with Agilent Technologies to move the needle on research advancements for scientists who lack funding for instruments but still need data for research projects.  The partnership is inspired by the need for research to have access to instrumentation and reagents that are not only available but affordable.  As a marketplace Meenta can aggregate demand thereby reducing cost of consumables and easily compare options with transparent pricing. Send samples, not emails. 

There are both academic and biotech research organizations in need of equipment to sequence samples.  However, statistics show that 48% of scientific equipment sits unused in labs around the world.  With access to equipment on the Meenta Marketplace, Agilent SureSelect target enrichment reagents are available to customers looking to run exomes or other targeted panels using sequencers on the Meenta platform. Meenta guarantees affordable and efficient access to supplies for the core facilities, so they don’t have to stock reagents while simultaneously providing research scientists with a fast and efficient way to go from samples run to data analysis.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Meenta. Their ability to manage the entire sequencing workflow for customers who lack direct access to a sequencer opens up next generation sequencing to anyone who is interested. By including our SureSelect exome kits and other catalog panels in their offerings, it will enable more researchers to take advantage of targeted sequencing from Agilent,” said Victor Miller, Diagnostics and Genomics Group Indirect Channel Manager, AFO/EMEAI at Agilent.

The partnership will give local genomics researchers access to world class sequencing services anytime and anywhere. The offering on a cloud-based marketplace provides a mechanism where data can be produced faster than purchasing new equipment or searching for a facility on its own.   

“The partnership will provide a unified way to access laboratory reagents, instruments, and informatics resulting in a faster and more efficient road to data which then can, in turn, be translated into foundational discoveries that can change lives,” said Gabor Bethlendy, CEO, Meenta, Inc.

Ultimately, the relationship will allow for quicker research discoveries that can turn into much needed clinical diagnostics. To find out more about how you can become a member of the all access program, click here to visit the Meenta Marketplace.

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