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Memora & Frontier Psychiatry Unviel Behavioral Health Care Model

Memora Health, a technology company that offers an intelligent platform for powering complex care workflows and simple patient communication, today announced a new care delivery model together with Frontier Psychiatry, a telepsychiatry practice based in Montana. 

Before the pandemic, Montana had the nation’s third highest rate of suicide. Compounded with significant budget cuts to community based mental-health services and widespread provider shortages, the Behavioral Health Alliance of Montana says the state mental healthcare system is “in danger of imminent collapse.”

Frontier Psychiatry, powered by Memora Health, is on a mission to extend psychiatric care to every community across Montana. Frontier Psychiatry works with regional partners to assess and overcome barriers to care using telepsychiatry. One access point is through hospital emergency rooms where patients are unlikely to see a psychiatrist on-site. Frontier Psychiatry answers emergency room consultation requests within two hours, completes a risk assessment in real-time and initiates a patient-centered treatment plan remotely. Memora Health’s platform has allowed Frontier Psychiatry to complete virtual visits, manage care coordination, and quickly scale timely access to care, seeing 10x overall consultation growth in five months.

“While looking for technology providers, we knew we had something special with Memora Health,” said Reza Hosseini Ghomi, MD, MSE, COO and co-founder of Frontier Psychiatry. “We considered off-the-shelf solutions but they gave us no clinical context for visits and felt fragmented from the workflow we needed. The flexibility of Memora Health’s platform and how quickly they were able to get us live has accelerated our ability to care for patients with the speed and care they deserve.”

In the next phase of implementation any patient seen by Frontier Psychiatry will use Memora Health’s app-less platform to receive appointment scheduling and reminders, bill payment integration, satisfaction surveys, remote monitoring, and care plan monitoring and adherence.

“Prior to our partnership with Frontier Psychiatry, Memora Health’s workflows had been implemented with significant clinical and operational success across various clinical settings. The Frontier Psychiatry partnership expands our platform to the forefront of behavioral health,” said Memora Health CEO and co-founder, Manav Sevak. “Frontier Psychiatry was uniquely positioned as a strong clinical partner for Memora Health given their nimbleness and innovative approach to delivering care–we are excited for our partnership to grow across the state of Montana.”

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