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Memorial Day 2021 Cyber Security Tips

Memorial Day 2021 brings with it not just the celebratory spirit but also certain information security threats. Read to know how to enhance your cybersecurity defense

Memorial Day 2021 is an extremely patriotic day that is filled with a rush of emotions of love for everyone who has served the nation and pride for everyone still doing it. It is a day when the Americans visit the crematories or memorials of the martyrs from the military and hold family gatherings to celebrate the fallen soldiers and remember their rebellion in favor of America. 

While the celebratory  spirit of Memorial Day 2021 will be an added happiness to the recent massive vaccination drive that have happened in the US along with the travel finally resuming this year, this sure is a massive opportunity for people to shop, celebrate and be at their spirits with the uproar of online offers,  there are however at the very same place many cyber criminals out there waiting for us to let our guard down and get carried away in the floods of emotional and patriot-themed scams.

Web security and Information security are at the top of the priority list when it comes to protecting yourself from Memorial Day 2021 surrounded cyber attacks,
as the web is the closest point of contact when shopping online and browsing through the internet and information breach is the most impactful attack on the user. Cybersecurity is one thing that users need to focus on while celebrating this Memorial Day!

Let us look at some of different disguised attacks and threats to cybersecurity that takes place in the lieu of celebratory occasions

  • Stay wary of any scam military charity

Ahead of Memorial Day 2021, the Better Business Bureau warned the people about any fake military charities that typically target those who have served or are now serving the nation. Veterans often donate to online charities thinking they are donating to military personnels around Memorial Day, but these often turn out to be false identities, scamming people of their money and sensitive credential information.

  • Fake websites 

This is one of those days when people are quite generous and decide to splurge a little, maybe even buy something from a veteran to make a difference. And since businesses have moved online, people walk right into the traps by purchasing from fake websites and online vendors imposing as veterans or military related, and feed in their card details, compromising their information security and web security.

  • False Advertisements

It is that time of the year when many companies offer different discounts and offers on their product and services with hopes of increasing their sales and in the spirit of the celebration. But cyber criminals take advantage of the sentimental flood and advertise false discounts and offers that blend with the genuine ones only to have people share their information and click on these ads to be directed to a malware or a phishing attack.

  • Phony Phone Calls

They will call you and tell you that Memorial Day 2021 you win a special prize for being a good citizen and hack into your mobile device, putting your web security, information security, and cybersecurity in its entirety at risk. It is very similar to the grief scams that people witnessed when the coronavirus had just hit the world and everybody went into a full lockdown.

Let us look at some mandate yet basic tips to prevent falling into cyber traps! 

  • Never click on any unknown, suspicious links
  • Always read the privacy policy of any website that you visit
  • Do not click on ads, unless you know their source
  • Make sure your web and devices are upto date and comply with the latest security standards
  • Have a defense line against any kind of vulnerabilities

Memorial Day is a day filled with tons of feelings and sentiments, but it is important to give cybersecurity a priority before letting your emotions get the best of you. Cyber criminals are not only smart, but care little about the effects of their actions, so staying vigilant is not up for debates.Make Memorial Day 2021 memorable for the right reasons and make sure to duck any breaches and attacks that creep and crawl your way!

Happy Memorial Day 2021 Fellas!

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