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MetAlert enters Strategic Collaboration with Next Realm AI

MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: MLRT), a pioneer in location-sensitive health monitoring devices and wearable technology for remote patient monitoring, announces a collaboration with the Next Realm AI Research Lab, an artificial intelligence and data analytics research center located in New York. This alliance involves MetAlert providing invaluable data from its current wearable technology suite to fuel Next Realm AI’s research projects. Moreover, MetAlert will offer its expertise, guiding the best methods to harness this data, primarily focusing on location-centric healthcare technology. This partnership aims to sculpt the blueprint for predictive models within the ever evolving and growing to an estimated $62 billion by 2025 wearable health tech sector; and will focus on developing the framework for predictive health models utilizing data securely and privately aggregated from wearable tech devices.

Tom Bustamante, the Founder & CEO of Next Realm AI, shared his excitement, stating, “Collaborating with MetAlert, a brand synonymous with wearable technology and real-time data, represents a big leap towards our shared vision to find predictive patterns that may lead to earlier disease detection, bespoke treatments and eventually, offering a more personalized approach to prolonged, high-quality health.”

Patrick Bertagna, the CEO of MetAlert, weighed in: “Post the global pandemic, we’ve been exploring avenues to help improve and extend quality of life. In this pursuit, AI is seemingly becoming a critical component, but to realize AI’s true potential, we need data. We believe data is this era’s new oil, and wearable technology is the invaluable vessel that can collect this data in real-time across the globe.”

As an official IBM Business Partner, Next Realm AI helps lab members integrate leading-edge AI and data solutions into their business operations. By leveraging Next Realm’s expertise, clients can modernize processes, boost efficiency, strengthen security, and deliver greater value to customers – all while driving growth and building value for shareholders.

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