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MidMetrics Achieves PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

This certifies that MidMetrics meets the highest level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance

MidMetrics, a leading provider of chargeback management solutions, announced that it has successfully achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliance. This certification demonstrates MidMetrics’ commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security, ensuring the protection of sensitive payment card information for businesses worldwide.

PCI DSS is a globally recognized set of security standards established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to safeguard credit card data and prevent fraud. Achieving Level 1 compliance, the highest level of certification, signifies that MidMetrics has implemented robust security controls and processes to protect cardholder data throughout its chargeback management platform. The most recent Attestation of Compliance (AOC) was issued by SecurityMetrics in May 2023.

MidMetrics’ chargeback management solution is designed to simplify the complex chargeback process, providing businesses with the necessary tools to resolve disputes swiftly and effectively. One of the key features that distinguishes MidMetrics is the analytics dashboard, which provides businesses with in-depth insights and actionable data related to chargebacks. Through advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, the dashboard enables businesses to identify patterns, trends, and root causes of chargebacks. This empowers companies to make informed decisions, implement targeted strategies, and reduce the likelihood of future chargebacks.

With the attainment of PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, MidMetrics enhances its ability to provide a secure environment for businesses to manage chargebacks effectively. The rigorous PCI DSS Level 1 assessment encompasses multiple security controls, including data encryption, network security, access management, and regular security testing. MidMetrics’ compliance with these stringent requirements ensures the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive payment card information, safeguarding against potential data breaches and unauthorized access.

“We are thrilled to achieve PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, which reinforces MidMetrics’ unwavering commitment to data security and our dedication to delivering a trustworthy chargeback management platform,” said Stacy Bransfield, CEO of MidMetrics. “Our clients can have full confidence that their sensitive payment card information is protected as they navigate the complex landscape of chargebacks.”

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