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Mindray Unlocks Vast Patient Monitoring Potential

Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a leading global developer and provider of medical devices and integrated solutions, has launched its universally connected platform, M-Connect, which unlocks the potential of individual patient monitoring with an integrated IT solution. This innovative platform helps medical providers build a well-rounded healthcare ecosystem and greatly boosts efficiency.

Consisting of various integrated IT solutions, the M-Connect platform can connect patients, health providers, devices, and healthcare systems for greater visibility, streamlined workflows, enhanced clinical decision-making, and better patient privacy. These solutions allow healthcare providers to allocate resources efficiently and empower clinicians to access patient data anytime, anywhere.

“The intelligent world is arriving. 5G, AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies promise new possibilities, opportunities, and experiences for everyone, everywhere,” said Dr. Li Xinsheng, the Group Vice President at Mindray. “M-Connect is shaping the future, inspiring a new age of connection, and connecting patients with their medical providers. Together, we can leverage the benefits of technology for the healthcare industry.”

Aiming at improving clinical decision-making and workflows, the M-Connect is equipped with smart tools, such as 24-hour ECG summary and continuous blood pressure analysis, to help clinicians react more confidently to adverse events and to diagnose and treat patients more efficiently.

Moreover, the M-Connect can greatly increase the management efficiency of medical devices and protect hospital investment. Employing Mindray IoT (M-IoT) technology, this universally connected platform can obtain information on all connected medical equipment, provide equipment statistical analysis, and output the distribution and usage of equipment in various departments in a graphical manner.

Furthermore, with the integration of complete data from all medical devices, the M-Connect lays a solid foundation for big data analytics, allowing healthcare professionals to comprehensively analyze patient data and construct better treatment strategies throughout the whole patient journey.

Moving forward, Mindray will continuously work with industry partners to leverage the innovative technology of the M-Connect, thereby advancing the development of the entire healthcare industry.

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