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Mitsui & Co. makes strategic investment in Redpoint Cybersecurity LLC

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”) announced its strategic entry into the US cybersecurity market through a strategic investment in Redpoint Cybersecurity LLC (“Redpoint”), a services provider of end-to-end cyber security and threat response solutions. This is the latest step in Mitsui’s effort to broaden its global cybersecurity presence following a successful entry into the Southeast Asian market in April 2023 via an investment in LGMS, a prominent cybersecurity service provider in Malaysia. As one of Japan’s leading global conglomerates, Mitsui will leverage its knowledge, trusted network, and capital capability to accelerate Redpoint’s growth in support of their clients’ most pressing cyber challenges.

Redpoint is a leader in the current digital transformation arena, where embracing technology is essential for businesses and fuels innovation across various industries. The rapid advancements in technology, including AI, have led to the emergence of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, in which Redpoint’s team is well-versed. This evolution in technology has created a pervasive challenge for organizations, highlighting the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding against these emerging risks and ensuring long term sustainability.

Redpoint’s team of military-grade cyber talent includes professionals with decades of Nation-State experience in cyber operations that allows them to apply their knowledge from the attacker perspective to facilitate efficient, effective, and scalable responses to the ever-changing threat landscape. Redpoint has been entrenched in the cyber insurance market, partnering with many of the leading cyber insurers, brokers and counsel to assist victims of cyber-attacks in reducing their loss exposures and speeding their recoveries. “Our future-focused approach gives our clients the confidence of a secure environment so they can accelerate business innovation, transformation, and growth,” said Russell Safirstein, CEO of Redpoint Cybersecurity. “The joining of efforts with a global leader such as Mitsui only further enhances our combined ability to meet this growing need in the marketplace.”

“We approach security as the starting point for delivering the outcomes that leading global organizations demand. Our end-to-end security solutions combine deep domain and industry expertise with a future-focused approach that encompasses advisory, transformation, and managed services. We offer the foresight and expertise to solve your most complex challenges. We are redefining the future of data protection by securing data from code to application, to device and cloud,” said Tab Bradshaw, COO of Redpoint Cybersecurity.

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