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ML & AI Solutions Provider, SCUTIGER, Announces Market Entry

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Joining in India Inc’s drive for digital transformation, SCUTIGER is geared to make its mark as the newly-launched disruptor in the fast-evolving landscape of tech-led business model innovation. In a recent study released by NASSCOM in association with EY, it emerged that seventy per cent of Indian enterprises that deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) have achieved measurable results. In comparison, sixty per cent believe that AI will disrupt their business within the next two-three years. Catalysing this knowledge into bringing together a world-class suite of tech solutions, SCUTIGER is designed as the one-stop-shop, powered by its experience working within diverse industries and expertise in Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Backed by their successes working with clients from FinTech, Mar Tech, Social Tech, Agri Tech, E-commerce and Logistics, and led by a team of innovation experts with AI research, business and deep product experience, SCUTIGER is designed to make tech solutions accessible, practical and optimal. Enterprises looking for a digital overhaul need not look any further as SCUTIGER, with its client-centric and process-driven approach will take care of researching, identifying, developing and deploying cost-optimised AI & ML solutions that align with their business goals without them having to hire a new team.

CEO Dipankar Sarkar said, “The future is here; we have thinking machines which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to do more than we can imagine. Soon, all businesses will need to incorporate these new technologies like personalisation, chatbots, automated marketing and much more to accelerate growth. But not everyone can afford or run a team that understand both the business and AI together. This is where we step in, help you integrate state-of-the-art AI models and bring about profitable innovation for your business.”

With a growing portfolio of over sixty patents filed in the last year, SCUTIGER’s range of expertise includes cutting edge solutions and models developed for natural language processing, computer vision, on-device and speech recognition. Staying ahead of the curve is a passion for SCUTIGER’s team of experts dedicated to simplifying and enriching interactions between man and machine.

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