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ML-powered Aible Doubles Down on Impact With New AI Features

Aible, the only enterprise AI that guarantees impact in one month, today announced innovations to its flagship product.

Aible extends its leadership in AI for business impact with new features that empower business teams to collaborate with analysts and data science teams to guarantee impact. New innovations with this release enhance the time to value significantly by empowering everyone across the enterprise, including:

  • Business managers to see the impact of AI and increase adoption through User Engagement Monitoring
  • Data science teams to bring their own AI models quickly to production – Bring Your Own Model
  • Analysts to leverage Impact Forecasting for improved operations planning

“Aible remains the only enterprise AI company that guarantees business impact in 30 days,” said Arijit Sengupta, Founder and CEO of Aible. “When we first introduced our ‘don’t pay us guarantee,’ it fundamentally changed the risk equation for the customer. Traditionally, 90% of AI projects fail to deliver business impact, but at Aible the vast majority are succeeding. Why? Because of our patented technology, #1 rated product, and our team’s deep experience delivering thousands of AI projects. Now we are staying true to our core focus on delivering business impact, while offering powerful capabilities to data scientists and analysts.”

To learn more about the latest release and see how enterprises can draw value from AI for their use cases, register for the What’s New In Aible webcast.

Highlights with this release include:

1. User Engagement Monitoring

The latest release promotes increased user engagement by addressing a major gap with conventional AI solutions that ignore the fundamental issue of user engagement ― if the user does not act upon the recommendations of the AI, no value is created.

For example, if end users completely ignore AI recommendations and take actions based on gut decisions, a traditional approach to AI monitoring would still wrongly attribute success or failure to the AI, because it is only looking at what the AI predicted and the final results. Aible is the first and only AI solution that actively monitors how users are engaging with the AI in order to properly evaluate how the AI is performing and to promote increased user engagement.

With User Engagement Monitoring, Aible enables business teams to see whether end users are accepting the AI recommendations, and understand user patterns to systematically improve engagement. Managers can see how AI alignment and impact compare across the team and end users can see how their impact compares with their peers. This brings transparency that helps the entire team collaborate towards guaranteeing impact for the business and driving overall user engagement.

2. Bring Your Own Model (BYOM)

With the ability to Bring Your Own Model, Aible provides data scientists a complete solution for model explanation, integration, monitoring, and measuring the impact of their own models. Data scientists can now leverage the full end-to-end lifecycle of model management and user engagement in Aible, solving a critical problem with conventional AI that requires a disjointed set of tools and creates hurdles for IT teams.

For the first time, data science teams can use Aible to evaluate and optimize the performance of their own models, by configuring their models so that it creates business value under the unique circumstances of that business. With BYOM, Aible also eliminates the tedious and expensive work of getting a model integrated in order to surface predictions and recommendations within applications, monitor the outcomes, and get feedback from end users.

Business users can easily see the impact BYOM would have on their business and make adjustments to maximize business impact. Business users can provide feedback on the models and adjust the aggressiveness of the models if permitted by the data scientists.

BYOM brings the benefits of Aible to anyone who has created models in RStudio, Jupyter Notebooks, or other data science and AutoML platforms.

3. Impact Forecasting

With conventional approaches, forecasting is based on a single model with no regard to the cost benefit trade-offs often leading to challenges from over-or-under-forecasting.

Aible introduces Impact Forecasting, which for the first time allows users to easily generate forecasts that align to the cost-benefit tradeoffs of their business. Leveraging the ability to train and evaluate multiple models at once, forecasting with Aible considers a range of business conditions so that users can take actions that help drive business impact. Users can see exactly how the AI created the forecast and know which part is due to trends, cyclical patterns or other business factors.

Aible lets you switch between different models so you can see exactly what each of the models is doing and which factors (e.g. trend vs cycles) it considers to be relatively more important. This empowers business users to create predictive models while at the same time protecting them from the risks of forecasting models that don’t reveal the underlying patterns driving the models.

Aible is the only enterprise AI that guarantees impact in one month.

Aible enables teams to go from raw data to AI in an hour and payback in just one month—guaranteed.

Aible has helped leading companies achieve impact in just one month using their existing people, skills, and systems. A global online university uncovered $3.5 million in tuition fees using Aible for student retention, and a multi-national HVAC company identified $7 million in staff overtime savings with Aible.

Aible also ranked #1 for Automated Machine Learning use case in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Cloud AI Developer Services. To learn more about the latest release and see how enterprises can apply AI for their use cases, register for the What’s New In Aible webcast.

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