Machine Learning

ML-powered Arrow, the Newest Innovation in Digital Banking is a new banking application looking to tackle the savings problem in America is a personal finance platform Founded by Messiah G. Willis Co-Founder of (Pear Metrics) a subsidiary of Pear Metrics Global Inc. Messiah has acquired Arrow Bank Technologies for an undisclosed amount, and will be stepping down from his role at Pear Metrics to run the banking application full time. Interested users can join the waitlist for more information and be first in line when Arrow launches late 2021. Arrow offers a different range of banking and other financial related services, including but not limited to mobile and online banking, money transfer, wealth management, checking and saving accounts and mortgage, personal and business loans.

Arrow is using the latest technology such as AI, big data, and machine learning to help consumers and clients manage their wealth, banking and loans, while at the same time help them track daily expenses and provide insights on spending habits in order to push them to lead a financially healthy life. Arrow also provides consumers with the opportunity to manage each separate financial account side-by-side on the platform. It is our goal at Arrow to ensure that all of our members within the first 5 years of joining will have at minimum $5,000 in savings. Arrow promises to be a leader in digital banking innovation and invest resources in social and environmental initiatives.

“Today I am pleased to announce Arrow Bank. At Arrow we are working to provide a platform for a generation of people who are in need of a user friendly banking solution that will bring them closer to their financial goals. I’m committed to ensuring the work done at Arrow will have a positive global impact.” – Messiah G. Willis

Arrow plans to launch a beta program that will allow users to experience what it’s like to bank with Arrow. Each Beta tester will be given the opportunity to provide important feedback that we, at Arrow, will use to fix any bugs or flaws within our system. Arrow private beta launches late 2021 Join the waitlist for private beta access here

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