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ML-powered Native Microbials Introduces Arkus™ Daily

The first probiotic made only with microbes that exist naturally in the canine microbiome

Native Microbials, a biotechnology company with a focus on animal health and nutrition, recently launched Arkus™ Daily as a unique offering in the dog supplement space. While the vast majority of canine probiotics are made with organisms commonly found in products such as yogurt or bread yeast, the microbes in Arkus are all native to the gut of healthy dogs.

“We are excited to launch Arkus Daily to help promote digestive health in dogs using our proprietary scientific approach,” said Mallory Embree, chief science officer at Native Microbials. “Our mission is to change the way we address animal health by developing a deep understanding of each animal’s microbiome, and creating products made only with the best native microbes. Arkus Daily is the result of significant research to determine the ideal canine microorganisms that support better digestion and a strong immune system, among other benefits.”

When dogs eat things they’re not supposed to (which they do constantly), they can negatively change the environment in their gastrointestinal tract. This is one of the primary causes of canine digestive issues. Using proprietary machine-learning algorithms, Native’s scientists identified three microbes common to the guts of healthy dogs: Clostridium hiranonis — a bile acid converter crucial to ensuring cell communication in the gut; Megamonas funiformis — a glucose fermenter that helps improve digestion; and Enterococcus faecium — a combatant of bad microbes like E. coli and an enhancer of the immune system. Collectively, these microbes help dogs maintain a healthy microbiome.

“Arkus Daily is so significant because although the microbes we’ve included have been studied for years and recognized for their health benefits, Clostridium hiranonis and Megamonas funiformis can’t be found in any other dog probiotic,” said Embree. “We’ve been able to include them because of our patented preservation technology that ensures live probiotic delivery. We look forward to continuing to bring innovative products to animal lovers everywhere.”

Arkus Daily is currently available for purchase on Amazon and

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