Moneybrain to supply Kim Joo-ha AI anchor solution to MBN

Moneybrain (CEO Jang Se-young), an artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on September 21st (Monday) that an AI anchor who introduced Moneybrain’s video synthesis solution on MBN’s Daily Broadcasting System debuted.

MBN reported news using Kim Joo-ha, an AI anchor, on its MBN website more than twice a day from September 21st to October 14th. AI anchor Kim Joo-ha’s speech nuance, gestures, and facial expressions are hard to feel the difference between the actual anchor Kim Joo-ha.

With Moneybrain’s solution, MBN is able to report videos of breaking news vividly and quickly with an AI anchor. In addition, AI models will be put into MBN’s various programs, allowing the company to start producing broadcasts in the same time slot.

The Moneybrain solution introduced by MBN is a real-time video synthesis technology based on deep learning and provides AI model videos that express the same person as the actual person. By simply entering an article script, it converts into voice and video and it provides various costume choices, making it easier for users to produce AI models. As a result, existing broadcasting officials have been able to save a lot of resources such as time, personnel, and cost for filming.

Moneybrain is a leading startup with the world’s top-class deep learning and video synthesis technologies, including the production and presentation of the first AI president in Korea. Moneybrain’s deep learning technology can process natural language analysis, voice and video in real time. Currently, AI industry technologies require expertise, but Moneybrain aims to provide services that can create its own AI with minimal data in the future.

Moneybrain’s real-time video synthesis technology enables real-time conversations between users and AI, so it can be widely applied in various fields such as video conversation, free talking, digital education, home shopping, kiosk and mobile platforms.

Jang Se-young, CEO of Moneybrain, said, “We are very excited that AI anchor made a successful debut, and we plan to accelerate our advanced into global market such as the U.S. and China based on its performances so far.”

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