Moveworks opens of its first regional data center in the EU

New supported data region meets ongoing privacy requirements and offers customers increased control over their data

Moveworks today announced the opening of its first regional data center in the European Union (EU). This milestone demonstrates Moveworks’ commitment to meeting the growing demands for data privacy and residency — especially in light of the evolving regulatory landscape in Europe.

Data privacy is a crucial concern for businesses in today’s global marketplace. To address this, Moveworks has prioritized providing customers with control over their data. By launching a regional data center in the EU, the company aims to offer customers the peace of mind that comes with reliable, secure data storage solutions. Besides aligning with the shifting regulatory climate, Moveworks’ EU data center also adheres to various data residency requirements across the region. This global-first approach grants customers greater flexibility, customization, and control over their data, ensuring our services meet their unique needs.

“Our new EU data center highlights our dedication to meeting the diverse and growing needs of our global customers,” said Vaibhav Nivargi, CTO of Moveworks. “As we lay the foundation for future innovations, our unwavering commitment to data privacy and residency ensures we remain a trusted partner.”

The launch of Moveworks’ new EU data center is a clear indication of its growth and commitment to serving its customers on a global scale. As the company progresses, its focus remains on delivering the best possible solutions, enabling users to have increased ownership of their data.

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