Movia Robotics Announces $5 Million Venture Capital Closing

MOVIA Robotics, Inc—a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help children with autism and robots to work together—is pleased to announce its first closing in the $5 million Series Seed Preferred Stock round of funding by ZFC Capital Partners II, L.P. (“ZFC II”), a fund managed by Clean Feet Investors II GP, LLC (“CFI II, GP”).

MOVIA’s Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) System provides immediate, positive, and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by autism.  MOVIA has a turnkey solution and one of the most innovative approaches in educating children with autism by using robotics to lead children through learning readiness, daily living, social-emotional, educational and fun activities. With a simple process of consistent lesson delivery with curriculum developed by teachers in association with therapists and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals, MOVIA’s technology enhances communication, social interactions and executive brain functions which helps families with children on the autism spectrum.

Jean-Pierre Bolat, CEO of MOVIA, stated “MOVIA Robotics is incredibly excited to grow its partnership with the ZFC family.  With their support, we are now expanding our reach and bringing our solutions to many more deserving children and families, bridging the digital and educational equity gap.  We are honored to be a ZFC II portfolio company, and we truly look forward to advancing our mission with ZFC to improve the lives of those with special needs.” 

Bernie Zahren, Manager of ZFC II stated, “We’re excited to offer our investors the seed round for MOVIA Robotics. We have been impressed by what the team has accomplished in both the short time and during Covid-19 and look forward to supporting their vision.” 

MOVIA’s robot-agnostic approach allows them to leverage a variety of “best of breed” robots while focusing on software and system development, lesson delivery, and comprehensive content. This unique approach gives customers a choice of form, fit, function, and price point that meets the needs of schools, clinics, and families.

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