MulticoreWare Inc. Joins Alliances Partner Program

MulticoreWare Inc. joins Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), one of the world leaders in designing, and manufacturing of digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs), as an Alliances partner, offering variety of services that support ADI’s product line.

MulticoreWare Inc. has considerable experience with Blackfin processors and implementingplatform specific algorithm optimizations to significantly improve its performance by efficiently utilizing the DSP cores and ADI’s Devices’ CCES toolchain. The deep learning architecture optimizations enable effective utilization of low compute resources for complex embedded applications that uses Blackfin processors

MulticoreWare has been providing optimized solutions for various processing platforms with our expertise in Heterogeneous Computing, Micro-Architecture aware optimizations combined with Deep Neural networks expertise. Blackfin processors leverage the optimizations implemented by MulticoreWare will provide solutions for a variety of applications: video surveillance, robotics, and real-time security.

The collaboration between ADI and MulticoreWare, will open doors to target new opportunities for applications involving Human Behaviour Detection and Recognition, Face Detection. Our work together in optimizing solutions for Blackfin processor family will enable high accuracy solutions for real time and industry specific applications.

“ADI’s Alliances partner program offers designers worldwide access to a broad spectrum of ADI technologies and industry expertise. Alliances partners are selected for their demonstrated knowledge and capabilities to expand engineering options that reduce risk, cost, and accelerate our mutual customers’ time to production. A leading global high-performance analog technology company, ADI is dedicated to helping customers solve their toughest engineering challenges.”

“MulticoreWare developed and implemented algorithms on ADI DSPs to provide software centric solutions for their customers by improving performance and efficiency,” said Soumendra Mohanty, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Corporate Marketing, MulticoreWare. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with ADI, to innovate applications for next generation low-cost processors.”

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