MulticoreWare joins Renesas R-Car Consortium

MulticoreWare Inc, a leading global technology company offering Software Products, Solutions & Engineering Services, is pleased to announce that it has joined the Renesas R-Car Consortium.

This consortium serves as a dynamic platform for industry leaders developing with Renesas R-Car SoCs to collaborate and innovate within the realms of Connected Car, ADAS, and Gateway markets. As a partner, MulticoreWare is uniquely positioned to offer its expertise and advanced solutions such as advanced 3D Sensing, Imaging Radar & ISP Tuning, AI/ML models & frameworks, to drive progress in Middleware/Applications, System Integration, and Consulting.

Vish Rajalingam, Vice President & General Manager, Mobility & Transportation BU, MulticoreWare said, “MulticoreWare is excited to collaborate with Renesas and contribute our expertise in optimizing and quantizing AI models for compute-intensive ADAS and In-Cabin applications to the R-Car Consortium. Beyond AI deployment, our team’s strengths in Embedded Software & RTOS, Radar Data Processing, and Camera ISP Tuning will empower us to transform innovation into high-performance real-world use cases on Renesas SoCs.”

The R-Car Consortium fosters a versatile and diverse collaborative setting that unites system integrators, middleware/application developers, operating systems, and tool vendors. Renesas, a global leader in automotive semiconductors, offers highly reliable and technically advanced SoCs, coupled with comprehensive development assistance. This ensures that customers can acquire solutions precisely tailored to their requirements. Consortium members benefit from receiving evaluation boards and software, which aid in the collaborative development of advanced solutions.

Mandali Khalesi, Vice President, AI & Cloud of Renesas said, “It is a pleasure to welcome MulticoreWare to the R-Car Consortium. MulticoreWare teams have shown extensive expertise in AI optimization, model integration, and deployment on R-Car V4H Platforms. I look forward to MulticoreWare’s continued support for Renesas and our customers in the areas of AI and embedded software.”

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