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Must, a B2B Matchmaking Platform, Organizes “IoT Trends in 2020” to Launch Its Virtual Exhibition Platform

“IoT Trends in 2020” Virtual Exhibition, July 7-9 2020

Must is a B2B Matchmaking platform, designed to foster High-Tech ecosystem across the value chain. It brings matchmaking tools and infrastructural support to companies by using powerful technologies such as AI algorithms, deep learning driven graph evaluation. Must is pleased to announce today the availability of its 3D/VR Virtual Exhibition Platform with breakthrough networking features. The networking features have been designed not only to increase interactivity between e-exhibitors and e-visitors, but also allow e-visitors to e-meet and network during the Virtual Exhibition. Must Virtual Exhibition is powered by innovative backend tools to help exhibitors to manage their booths, interact with their e-visitors and perform data science analysis.

To launch its innovative Virtual Exhibition platform, Must offers to companies and Start-ups specialized in IoT, the possibility to exhibit their products, services and innovation to the entire IoT eco-system. Each exhibitor will have an individual 3D/VR booth with several features, and an access to conferences and broadcasts organized by Must and its partners. Several companies like STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Cogito Instruments and many others already confirmed their participation.

“IoT Trends in 2020” is available in 6 languages (Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian). Attendance will be free of charge for all visitors and exhibitors’ employees. They will have access to the exhibition booths, the Conference Room with conferences subtitled in 6 languages, the Forum with its live events such as roundtables, press conference, opening and closing ceremonies, live conferences, and public chatrooms. The visitors will be able to e-meet not only with Exhibitors’ representatives but also with other visitors to exchange and to network.

This first show “IoT Trends in 2020” will unleash Must Virtual Exhibition platform features and be coated in the 3 E’s of Must’s values: Equality, Education & Ecology.

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