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My Intelligent Machines Launches New Software for Drug Development

MIMs’ augmented-intelligence product for indication prioritization and biomarker discovery in oncology puts sophisticated bioinformatics capabilities directly into the hands of life scientists

My Intelligent Machines (MIMs)—a leader in harnessing the power of systems biology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence—today launched a product poised to change the way companies prepare for clinical trials in oncology.

Using a sophisticated systems biology and machine learning platform built specifically for them, life scientists are now able to predict good responders to new therapies with more than two-times higher performance than other available methodologies. Further, they are able to do a month’s work in a single day, delivering results at a tenth of the cost of bioinformatics and data science consulting services. MIMs’ software solution in oncology uses expression data from 16,000 patients across more than 200 cancer types and is able to provide key insights on drug mechanisms of action and drug synergies in individual patient contexts.

“As a biologist, I always dreamed of being more autonomous in my research involving next generation sequencing; of having the ability to explore my ideas and insights without the cost, time, and reliance on others to help me process and analyze my own data,” says Sarah Jenna, MIMs’ co-founder and CEO. “With MIMs, life scientists can now independently harness the power of systems biology, artificial intelligence, and their own deep human knowledge and experience in cancer biology to push the boundaries of innovation and drug discovery.”

MIMs’ oncology-research product delivers scientific insights to support strategic decisions on indication prioritization at preclinical stage. It enables researchers to increase the success rate of Phase II and III clinical trials; explore new potent combined therapies; and accelerate early high-value biomarkers to accelerate companion test development.

MIMs’ platform integrates the company’s MIMsight Knowledge Base—which combines billions of data points and other information extracted from scientific literature, public databases, multi-omic and clinical patient data—and MIMs’ proprietary GI2 algorithm, which infers genetic interactions within patient tumors and immune systems. The platform creates vivid human cartographies of individual patients, which deliver previously unimagined levels of precise insight used to classify patients into subgroups, identify their molecular and clinical characteristics, predict their response to new therapies, and identify powerful therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

Jenna continues, laughing. “Six years ago, when we explained to people what we were building our platform to do, they called it science fiction! Today, these same people are buying annual licenses.”

My Intelligent Machines will be in Chicago this week, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting and invites people to stop by Booth IH20 to learn more about this exciting new approach. To celebrate the product launch, and being back at ASCO in-person, MIMs is offering special promotional pricing, with a 30-percent discount on its Lite and Plus SaaS platform packages. The company also encourages those interested in a free 30-day trial to contact them directly.

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