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N-able Issues Pledge on the Responsible Use of AI

Pledge underscores commitment to AI ethical best practices across the organization to help protect partners through the pillars of consent, transparency, and context

N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), a global software company helping IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as-a-service, and security solutions, today announced its Pledge on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The pledge describes the company’s commitment to openness and protecting partner data and intellectual property.

The newly unveiled AI strategy outlined in the pledge is built on three pillars: consent, transparency, and context—and designed to foster user control and privacy, clear communication, and appropriate use. Specifically:

  • Consent: Opt-in is our fundamental principle, and we ask for your consent before you engage with any AI in our products or services. Affirmative consent ensures we respect user preferences and privacy while mitigating risks associated with unauthorized data usage.
  • Transparency: We prioritize accountability, education, and informed decision-making; and we’ll tell you when and how we’re using AI tools with your data. The more knowledge our partners have, the more confidence they’ll have to explore the possibilities of AI.
  • Context: We strive to deliver maximum value and effectiveness through careful, efficient use of technology. This means we’ll continuously work to understand the unique challenges and requirements of each situation and narrowly tailor AI solutions to each use case.

“We believe that artificial intelligence will bring significant benefits and efficiency to our partners,” explained Nicole Reineke, N-able Distinguished Product Manager and Director of AI Strategy. “Yet, it demands a prudent balance of oversight to safeguard customer data and to clarify for data owners the uses and implications of these algorithms. At N-able, we are dedicated to unlocking AI’s potential responsibly, ensuring transparency, and upholding the autonomy that our partners deserve concerning their data. It’s crucial to bear in mind the ‘artificial’ in AI and build for human oversight to maintain an ethical approach, a commitment that signifies a major step in our journey.”

“I believe that we are at a key transformational point in our industry,” shares Jimmy Puckett, CEO of SPINEN. “I expect amazing advances at speeds we have never seen before. As an industry, I believe we have invested great resources in protecting our data and our clients’ data from security breaches, and we must invest as much as or more in controlling how the data we manage is being used in AI. It is critical as MSPs that we have a full understanding of how and where both our data and our clients’ data are being used. We are thrilled to see N-able take such a proactive stance on data sovereignty —this is a great example of partnership. We are advising our SPINEN clients to only partner with companies that have a similar perspective.”

The pledge includes some helpful guidance on how MSPs can use AI to improve their efficiencies.

N-able is also implementing AI to maximize the efficiency of its operations, including partner interactions, resolution times, prediction of device behaviors, and system performance, as outlined in the pledge.

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