Nabla Rolls out at Carle Health Through Epic Integration

  • U.S. health systems are increasingly embracing ambient documentation solutions to reduce providers’ administrative workloads and enable more face time with patients during visits
  • After a successful pilot program, Nabla’s ambient AI assistant will roll out to Carle Health’s Illinois-based multi-specialty physician group practice and emergency departments
  • As the leading ambient AI assistant in the U.S. market, Nabla will integrate with Carle Health’s Epic EHR system

Nabla, the leading ambient AI assistant for clinicians, today announced its newest partnership with Carle Health, an Illinois-based Health System. After a successful four-week pilot program with participants across family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, and other practice areas, Nabla’s ambient AI assistant will roll out to Carle Health’s Illinois-based multi-specialty physician group practice. It will then be gradually implemented throughout the year to 1,500 Carle Health providers, including emergency rooms and hospitalists. 

Regardless of specialty or practice area, physicians spend an average of 15.5 hours each week on paperwork and administration, with nine of those hours dedicated solely to electronic health record system (EHR) documentation. Clinical documentation diverts clinicians’ attention from direct patient interactions and adds nearly six hours per week onto their “pajama time” workload—or time spent in the EHR after standard hours and on the weekend.

“Nabla fits seamlessly into our workflows, and thanks to the onboarding support and training we received throughout the pilot program, we started seeing results immediately,” said Dr. David Lovinger, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Chief Informatics Officer of Carle Health. “Nabla enhanced the patient experience at our pilot sites by giving our providers more face time with their patients, knowing that it was doing the heavy lifting for charting. We look forward to rolling Nabla out to additional practice groups and feel confident in the results we’ll continue to achieve.”

Carle Health is utilizing Nabla’s standard templates and features, including its telehealth integration and multi-speaker functionality. Over 50% of Carle Health clinicians reported saving at least one hour or more per day in documentation work during the pilot program. Nabla is set to smoothly integrate with Carle Health’s EHR system, Epic. Clinicians will use the integrated version of Nabla within Epic on their desktop or mobile phone, avoiding multiple back-and-forths between Epic and Nabla. Nabla aims to automatically pull relevant patient data from the Epic chart to better inform the note, and the note generated by Nabla is expected to be exported in one click to Epic without the need for manual copy and paste. Finally, Nabla is designed to suggest updates to the patient’s problem list, such as when a new diagnosis is made during the visit.

“Our joint efforts to implement this Epic-integrated roll-out ensures clinicians at Carle Health can experience the full value of Nabla,” said Alex LeBrun, co-founder and CEO of Nabla. “We’re thankful to partner with future-forward medical groups in the Stratum Med network, which share our dedication to restoring joy to providers through technological innovations.”

Carle Health joins a growing community of innovative health systems and provider groups, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Mankato Clinic, to deploy Nabla’s ambient AI assistant.

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