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NanoMosaic Unveils a Method To Enable Proteomics

NanoMosaic, the pioneer and leader of nanoneedle technology (MosaicNeedle™) for proteomics and multi-omics, was invited to present a poster at the prestigious annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) meeting on April 13th, 2022.

The NanoMosaic Tessie™ platform leverages the power of MosaicNeedles™ to provide both the sensitivity and dynamic range to interrogate the proteome in complex matrices at high throughput. The nanoneedle acts both as a capture substrate and detection probe, thereby eliminating the upfront capture steps and downstream detection reactions that may introduce bias.

The poster (#5391) entitled “MosaicNeedles™: A tool for large-scale proteomics combining antibodies and aptamers” will be presented at AACR’s “Proteomics, Signaling Networks and Biomarker Discovery” session. The company will showcase its Tessie™ instrument at booth (#3235) during the conference. The company has sold two commercial systems under its Early Access Program. The Tessie™ system has the following performance metrics:

  • 7 orders of dynamic range of protein detection
  • No upfront sample preparation – samples are loaded directly from serum or plasma
  • No fluorescent labels on molecules
  • No amplification of target molecules
  • Straightforward detection workflow that is amenable to a clinical workflow
  • Low sample volumes: 2ul
  • DIY consumables: users are customizing chips with antibodies from their lab
  • 15 min read time
  • Full automation capabilities with liquid handler
  • High multiplexing capabilities

“Enabling both aptamers and antibodies as the affinity probes and demonstrating high performance with both reagents on the Tessie™ instrument paves the way to accurately measure the expression of one or more proteoforms of every protein-coding gene”, said Qimin Quan, Chief Scientific Officer of NanoMosaic, “The ultra-high plexing capability allows proteome-level detection with low sample volume requirement and at high throughput. The simple workflow makes it easy for scientists to develop home-brew assays on high-value targets from the discovery phase.” Quan concluded.

The MosaicNeedle™ platform provides a scalable approach to enable proteomics and multi-omics, an end-to-end solution from biomarker discovery to diagnostic assay development.”

“NanoMosaic is thrilled to unveil the Tessie™ platform and to have been accepted to present a poster at AACR, one of the most renowned oncology conferences,” stated John Boyce, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of NanoMosaic, as well as Co-Founder of Tiger Gene, LLC. “We strongly believe the capabilities of the Tessie™, in both proteomics and single-run multi-omics will elucidate and progress oncology research, diagnostics, and therapeutic development,” Boyce concluded.

To learn how to apply for the “Proteomics/Multi-Omics Early Access Program” please visit and click “Apply to Early Access Program”.

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