Narrative unveils AI-enabled product for Data Collaboration Platform

Narrative, the pioneer in data collaboration, is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking AI-enabled product for its Data Collaboration Platform, enhancing how companies share, buy, and sell data.

Building on its proprietary Rosetta Stone technology, Narrative has transformed how companies share data and established itself as the world’s premier data collaboration platform. Today, the company introduces Rosetta, the first AI Assistant dedicated to data collaboration, empowering users to search, discover, and access data in proprietary datasets without coding or data expertise. By harnessing advanced AI technology, Narrative streamlines the traditionally time-consuming and complicated process of data querying into a swift, secure, transparent, automated, and conversational experience.

“Rosetta capitalizes on the potential of our universal data catalog, which contains petabytes and trillions of rows of company-owned business data,” stated Tim Mahlman, Narrative’s CEO. “By allowing users to query the largest source of standardized, proprietary data using plain English, we’re making data discovery and access available to individuals from all technical backgrounds.”

Designed with a focus on privacy and security, Rosetta reinvents the data clean room concept by functioning as a secure user within protected environments. This method strengthens the data’s privacy and security without sacrificing its usability.

“Data clean rooms effectively safeguard your data but often at the expense of usability,” commented Nick Jordan, Narrative’s Founder. “We believe that AI Assistants like Rosetta offer a powerful solution for users to gain insights and value from data without needing a human to view the underlying information.”

Narrative is capitalizing on the groundbreaking advancements in the field of large language models, adding a layer of value currently absent in the market.

“Rosetta is more than an AI assistant—it’s a game-changer for distributed data processing, simplifying the process and reducing costs. It enables organizations to consolidate their data stack, eliminate unnecessary tools, and streamline data collaboration,” explained Uri Bushey, Narrative’s VP of Product Management. “While well-known large language models have effectively harnessed publicly available data, Rosetta accesses a much more extensive data ecosystem, unlocking value beyond the public data sphere.”

Rosetta is publicly available on the Narrative Data Collaboration Platform and can be accessed

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