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Neosec Integrates with Google Cloud Apigee API Management

Seamless Deployment With Neosec Delivers Advanced API Security Through Behavioral Analytics and Threat Hunting to Apigee-Managed APIs

Neosec, the pioneer in discovering and identifying API threats using behavioral analytics, today announced a seamless, fast integration solution with Apigee, which enables customers to design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere with visibility and control. The Neosec API security solution leverages the  capabilities of Apigee by fully discovering and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all APIs in use by an organization, whether managed through Apigee or elsewhere, providing information and risk assessments of each. Neosec uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to find fraud and abuse by third parties and attackers.

The Apigee integration from Neosoc supports both Apigee Edge and Apigee X, enabling both communities of users to direct API traffic activity to the Neosec platform to secure their APIs. Neosec augments the native security tools built into the Apigee platform like bot detection and known vulnerability protection by implementing behavioral analytics and addressing the hidden abuse APIs face today.

The Apigee integration is part of an ongoing Neosec initiative to increase the number of user-friendly integrations with leading technology platforms. This platform integration between Neosec and Apigee is robust and scalable for the largest of environments. Deployment is as easy as copy, paste and go. These pre-set, instant integrations direct all relevant API traffic to the Neosec platform. Apigee infrastructure combined with the architecture of the Neosec integration supports auto-scaling for simplified operations.

“The use of APIs in a fast-paced everything-connected business world drives business but also creates new and potentially high-value targets for attackers, insiders and rogue third parties. API Management products like Google’s Apigee deliver crucial API activity data to the Neosec platform”, said Giora Engel, co-founder and chief executive officer, Neosec. “The integration which has been proven in high traffic environments is a formidable new weapon as we continue to detect more hidden API abuses.

Rather than focusing only on vulnerabilities involved with APIs, the Neosec platform addresses the problem by first automatically and continually identifying all APIs a company has in use. The platform evaluates these APIs for risk posture and monitors for user behavioral anomalies that could indicate data theft or other misuse. Most companies lack a complete and up-to-date API inventory, and fewer understand the nature of normal API usage. Even fewer have the ability to monitor their APIs to mitigate loss or detect abuse of business processes, financial assets and data within their APIs.

For more information about the Neosec platform or the new features:

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