Netsmart develops AI Data Lab built on Amazon Web Services

Netsmart today announced the successful development of an artificial intelligence (AI) Data Lab built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance AI for community-based care providers. By combining the scale and power of AWS with the Netsmart CareFabric® platform, Netsmart is driving intelligent automation, generative AI, predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and risk models to target improved care delivery and outcomes for human services and post-acute care providers.

The new Netsmart AI Data Lab, built on AWS, supports innovation, allowing Netsmart to rapidly deploy new technology and capabilities designed for clinician satisfaction, streamlined operations and supporting outcomes. Early initiatives include a fully AI-enabled digital assistant utilizing cloud services that can summarize, help identify gaps in care and screening and suggest recommendations and actions in near real-time at the point of care. Netsmart and AWS are building new capabilities within the AI Data Lab to scale predictive modeling to help clinicians in their efforts to anticipate and intervene before a person is in crisis or in need of hospitalization and leverage NLP to lift data from unstructured notes and voice dictation, making that data actionable and insightful for providers and clinicians.

The Missouri Behavioral Health Council (MBHC) consists of 33 member agencies – many of which are Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs). As a longtime Netsmart client and collaborator, MBHC leverages many components of the CareFabric, including the population health management platform CareManager™. This technology utilizes machine learning powered by AWS to access data from multiple sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and claims data, for near real-time analytics. With a whole-person view of individuals, MBHC care managers efficiently coordinate care across providers and stakeholders including law enforcement and crisis response teams.

“We believe equipping providers with AI technology is the future of actionable, predictive analytics within the healthcare ecosystem,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “MBHC is at the forefront of the industry, and we’re thrilled to be working with them on effectively taking their predictive analytics and wiring it into their population health and provision of care functions, empowering staff to make real-time decisions based on the broad data set available. This project is only the beginning of our impactful innovation efforts with AWS, and we look forward to what’s on the roadmap, including becoming a qualified health information network (QHIN), and advancing interoperability and care coordination for community-based providers nationwide.”

Predictive modeling plays a crucial role in prioritizing both reactive and proactive steps, enabling MBHC to target at-risk individuals based on social determinants of health data and customize interventions accordingly. Utilizing predictive analytics, the Netsmart platform equips care teams with alerts covering everything from hospitalizations to potential Medicaid costs. Since implementing CareManager, MBHC has seen valuable results including 14% lower hospital costs and a 16% reduction in emergency department visits.

MBHC’s proactive approach extends to early intervention and preventative measures. The organization recently launched a health-risk profile using metabolic screening data to help identify individuals at higher risk of developing various diseases. This approach not only supports overall health but also targets long-term healthcare costs. Through this initiative, MBHC is working alongside Netsmart and AWS to develop algorithms to help identify risks for suicide. By utilizing alerts from emergency rooms, primary care clinics and other settings, MBHC aims to be able to intervene and prevent suicide.

“The work we’re doing with Netsmart and AWS has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge analytics and technology, propelling the success of the CCBHC model across the state of Missouri and nationwide,” said MBHC CEO Brent McGinty. “Through these collaborations, we are not only achieving remarkable outcomes but also setting new benchmarks for funding opportunities in CCBHCs and statewide programs, revolutionizing the way we deliver mental health services.”

In addition, Netsmart and AWS will work toward collaborating with post-acute care providers to integrate predictive analytics into their enterprises, facilitating models for at-risk patients. By leveraging solutions like CareManager, Netsmart is enabling organizations to implement remote patient monitoring and near real-time alert management systems. This technology-first approach will prioritize data collection, analytics and reporting, resulting in workflow integration that helps predictive models translate into timely and effective actions for providers.

“Netsmart is leading the way in applying AI in healthcare delivery, and their success in leveraging AWS native services for nearly a decade is rapidly accelerating our ability to deploy and add value for behavioral health and post-acute providers,” Tehsin Syed, General Manager of Health AI, AWS.

Learn more about the Netsmart and AWS relationship via this blog post.

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