Nextworld® introduces native AI, test automation in latest release

Nextworld, an innovator in enterprise software solutions, has unveiled 24.1, its first product release of this year.

Highlights of the new release include a new set of native AI capabilities and test automation. These latest developments continue to bring cutting-edge innovations to Nextworld customers.

  1. Native AI capabilities: The company launched a new set of native AI tools as part of its Nextworld Intelligence product line. These tools are designed to help customers creatively address their current enterprise challenges and unlock new perspectives that increase business opportunities. Nextworld’s artificial intelligence capabilities include:
    • The machine learning toolkit, a no-code tool that empowers developers to build machine learning models for uses such as regression, classifications, or anomaly detection. The native ML toolkit can be used by developers to predefine Large Language Model (LLM) prompts and apply them to a given business process.
    • An AI-driven chatbot that helps customers navigate Nextworld, filter and audit  data, and get product support. Powered by advanced LLMs, “Ed” offers a seamless and familiar chat experience for customers to get timely and accurate product support. Users can ask Ed how to perform a specific function like voiding a journal entry, creating a purchase order, or filtering for unpaid invoices due in the next week.
    • A range of new application use cases, some of which include:
      • Intelligent receipts. Users can use AI to extract contents from a remittance file, match them to a banking transaction, and create an applied cash receipt.
      • Payment anomalies. Using AI, Nextworld users can detect anomalies in amounts, payment methods, and general payment attributes.
      • Directory integration. Nextworld’s native AI tools can use the name imported from a legacy system to determine if the record is a person or an organization. Based on the result, it will then format the name in the appropriate field in the directory.
  2. Test automation: Part of the Nextworld No-Code Studio, test automation allows customers to create automated tests of both their standard and customized business applications. Once built, test scenarios can be manually executed for real-time results or scheduled to run during off periods. Customers can then view test run recordings to more quickly identify test success paths or failure root causes.

These enhancements highlight Nextworld’s forward-thinking and unique approach to enterprise solutions.

Nextworld CEO Kylee McVaney commented, “Our latest release represents a culmination of our team’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the enterprise software market. We believe these new technologies will help our customers continue to innovate and excel in their respective industries.”

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